1. RightTurnOnRed

    ? Uber Pet launches in Tampa Bay ?

    On Wednesday, Uber Pet launched in Tampa Bay and a handful of other markets. The new option comes up within the regular Uber app. If a Tampa Bay passengers selects the “Uber Pet” option, they will be charged a $4 fee to bring their furry friend along. ...
  2. S

    One of my worst nights ever

    It was awful. It was torrential pouring. I got dragged to Broward, which instantly means tons of dead miles. I start off the night with a group of 25 year old guys who won't stop trying to vape. I even have to slam my brakes on in middle of street and threaten to throw them out to get them...
  3. ninja warrior

    Last day of black exterior car

    Hello and welcome. I've been driving my Black Toyota Camry for a while now. But now, I think it's the right time to change the paint job to something that reflects the way I am feeling right now and in the process increase my fabulousness ergo increasing my earnings! To achieve this I've decided...
  4. W

    Questions starting

    Hello I am all set up but have a few questions. 1) What happens once you accept a request from a passenger? Esp as a female I'm wondering if I do not get the Uber phone will they be given my personal cell phone number? Do most people use the Uber phone? Advantages and disadvantages? Any...