1. Viejas Jeff

    Viejas Uber Lounge NYE

    Hello UberPeople! My name is Jeff, and I am the Manager for Special Events and Promotions at Viejas Casino. I wanted to let all San Diego Uber drivers know about the upcoming NYE Gala taking place at Viejas Casino this year. We are going to be setting up an exclusive "Uber Lounge" only for...
  2. F

    Hey DC drivers deactivated by !

    ok please be patient read all my notes this is final post for me I love you all but i love roadman he killed me with canclation rate ! any way here is my last post for ever I have been deactivated by MGM lol i had slap Back jack delar very bad ! and i had big fight inside ! some...
  3. Steven_M

    New Full time CT driver transplant from MD: Questions

    Hello all I'm moving from MD where Baltimore and D.C. have their own unique problems, as well as MD requiring you to have a car inspection to drive. I plan on driving full time, around 40-50 hours, and netting $4-500 a week (hopefully after gas). I am going to be a full time college...
  4. Wiz65

    Best Tip

    Took a ride from a friendly Uber driver last night. He told me that he picked up a passenger yesterday from Rivers Casino who had won a progressive slot. She tipped him $400. An outrageously generous tip in my opinion. Whats you best tip / story in your time with Uber? My max tip has been...
  5. SaintVitas

    Sleepless In Shreveport

    Just retired and looking to have new experiences, so I'm just starting to drive for U. Don't care about making money, just want to do something different. I live in a casino town with seven gambling locations so guess most of rides will be at night centered around that activity as well as...
  6. C

    Viejas casino

    Has anybody ever done a ride out to Viejas casino? Is it easy to get a rider to get back into San Diego?