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  1. DriveDriveDrive!

    New app- inDriver -coming to Ohio!

    Hi all, I am a driver from New York (Mostly Lyft, as they are charging lower commissions than Uber) We recently had the pleasure of testing out an app called inDriver. It is an international app in over 180 cities worldwide. I am starting conversations like these to get drivers opinion on the...
  2. C

    Upfront cash tips verses mutual distrust?

    Okay, I'm not looking to ruffle any feathers here, but here's a genuine straight up quandary and I'd love to know how it's handled. Put simply, how do you handle mutual distrust (or more accurately, mutual absence of justification to trust the other)? What I'm talking about of course, is the...
  3. VueBox

    A new way to earn cash while driving!

    Hey Guys, This is Alex and Ifi and we're ex-Uber drivers and the co-founders of VueBox. We're here to share a new way to earn money while driving! VueBox puts a free entertainment tablet in your vehicle and pays you $75 each month for driving with it, absolutely no cost to you! We partner with...
  4. LadyJ8A


    I googled if riders can pay cash. Google explained that it is possible but on my app it doesnt have the option. Is google lying for clout or something wrong with my app?
  5. Jacob THE DRIVER

    Anyone else not getting paid today????

    Sooooo I still cant cash out for the day out of gas and its Friday night. Am I the only one????????!!!!!!
  6. K.O.N.Y

    An exceptional young person

    A young woman tapped my bumper on the 9A entrance from the Cross Bronx going into Manhattan on St Patricks day and made a slight dent. I told her what I tell anyone who causes damage to my car....Cash or cops its up to you...she agrees to cash. We exchange numbers and info. We agree on a number...
  7. UberxGTA

    Uber should make cash payment available.

    Used this option in central and south America recently. Much greater probability of cash tips.
  8. BurgerTiime

    Uber Seeks $1.25 Billion in Loan Market

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-07/uber-technologies-is-said-to-seek-1-25-billion-in-loan-market Uber Seeks $1.25 Billion in Loan Market By Lisa Lee March 7, 2018, 3:00 PM CST Uber Technologies Inc. is seeking $1.25 billion in its second foray in the U.S. leveraged loan market...
  9. ChristopherHouston89

    Uber Instant Pay "On Security Hold"

    Good Evening Everybody! So just ran into a slight problem with Instant Pay. I recently switched from my local bank here in Houston to Bank of America since I wanted to have a national bank and I already have a relationship with BOA with my car loan. Well my problem is yesterday (Sunday 2/25) I...
  10. Attockpak1

    How to make money like a boss!

    Forgot link but pic says it all... where all the new people at, buy this don't listen to the people who tell you to buy cheap and old. With this you can make 3000 per week working part time making your own schedule.
  11. mysterylife38

    Cash job

    I often hear gold talking about cash job in this forum. My question is how do you go about doing this, being on Uber platform?? Any tips/ suggestions. I’m ok with the Tax/GST I pay, however at times I see that for the long drives that I do, I end up earning just a $/km & then drive back that...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Uber losses widen to the tune of $743 million last quarter

    https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/29/ubers-third-quarter-loss-widens-to-743-million.html Losses were up 14 percent from the previous quarter. Uber's quarterly adjusted losses widened to $743 million, up 14 percent from the previous quarter, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday. The...
  13. B

    Dallas round trip. Cash; 8am pickup

    Need a ride from Austin area to North Dallas area in the morning. Cash$325 pick up Tuesday morning at 8am 801 Amber Oaks, Burnet, Tx Dropoff 6680 I-30 Frontage Road Royce City, TX I've already ran it thru uber for cost. $324.99 Great past customer. I'm out of town. Billy 972.207.0017. I have...
  14. CanadianUberMan

    Cash Collected meaning?

    So today after driving I noticed "Cash collected". Which is the exact amount of which I received in tips, $6.00... I'm assuming this is Uber doubling tips, however nothing was mentioned to us in the app, or website about doubling tips... Today I made 137.94 after tips, it shows this number in...
  15. Frank Underwood

    I am the new KONY!

    Ladies and gentleman, I am the new KONY! Sunday August 27th. 7 hours Lyft: 13 rides $300 (260 cashout) Cash tips: 20, 4, 5 (29) Street hails: 26, 14 ($40) Total in 8 hours of combined work: $329 I'm the new KONY and the new JayBx. #facts
  16. Maven

    Do Women Get More Tips then Men? (Poll)

    Please Vote in the Poll. On average, who gets more Tips per hour worked? Include both pickups and UberEats. Include both cash and in-App tips. Include non-Uber, like Lyft or Grubhub, if you do that concurrently. Exclude non-cash tipping like McDonald's food or "I'll buy you something at the...
  17. N

    I'll pay you $300 if you find my car

    Uber drivers of Philly: my car was stolen this morning and I've been trying to think of ways to get it back. You guys are on the road more than anybody so I figured I'd ask for your help. I'm looking for a silver 2015 Honda fit. License plate # JTG0303 Its been less than 24hrs since it was...
  18. Kawiz03

    Megamillions tonight!!

    Get your tickets maybe we can escape the uber life and get ubered around instead lol
  19. Jason Jay Jones

    Cash for Trips?

    OK, forum, I has a new question. Would you take a cash ride while you’re online? Even though Lyft isn’t very popular here in College Station, TX, I would always get requests from people hanging out at the bars if I could take them to X place if they pay me in cash. I had to add signs to my...
  20. BAKAD

    Uber needs to get profitable soon!

    This article pretty much sums it up about Uber. With all the issues Uber is facing, it is basic business 101 they have to solve......... you got to make a profit at some point! The best quote from the article "While there are numerous factors contributing to Uber’s growing losses, at its...