cash out

  1. Andrew Held

    Anybody else suddenly having issues w/ Instant Pay and the Green Dot Prepaid card?

    Hey there all. I've been using my gold colored Prepaid Green Dot ATM card to cash out my Uber earnings and for months it's been perfectly reliable, but unfortunately it's no longer working correctly. Beginning last weekend, any deposit I make to the card from Uber's Instant Pay now ends up in...
  2. Sacman08

    Dead miles and payouts

    Hello all! I’m a beginner to the Uber driver world. I’ve been reading up as much as I can here but I still had a couple questions and couldn’t find an appropriate answer using search. First to let you know I drive around Atlanta, and since I don’t know where I have to go with rides, I noticed I...
  3. B

    Instant Pay isn't working

    All of May I have been having this problem where instant pay doesn't work. I go to cash out and I get a screen that says I am unable to use instant pay (which is ridiculous because I've been using IP for months). When I contact Uber I just get this generic template of an answer, which is zero...
  4. BurgerTiime

    Uber Gives Restless Employees a Way to Cash Out
  5. TGold1

    Sending Pay Statements?

    picked up rider in Wburg writing book on "sharing economy". He wanted to get data on how much drivers make in NYC not doing Uber and his firm is paying $15/earning statement sent in so I thought I'd share RideResearchNYC
  6. Sienna1

    Anyone Else Getting Double Charged The Instant Pay Fees?

    Upon closer inspection, it appears uber is charging me twice for each instant cash out. Sure it's only an extra fifty cents, but it adds up. I have tried emailing them about it, but I have not gotten a real answer.