1. TXUbering

    Full service....................(get your minds outta the gutter!)............................................ Carwash?

    Anyone have any good recommendations for a car wash in the DFW area? Preferably one that offers unlimited memberships and has several locations in the DFW area? I used to go here but noticed that the back of my car always had a lot of micro-scratches in the...
  2. Ali_NYC

    Careful with carwash at 10th ave & w 24th

    They changed their night time 7pm-7am wash price. It was $7 before, now it’s $8 but if your car is oversized (which is any SUV for them, I guess even Honda CH-R) you will pay $10.
  3. Aevans


    Wash Valet is offering all Uber drivers a free car wash at their Perimeter Mall Location. Pull in to the Hammond Drive side of the mall parking lot across from Chik-fil-a, and present your Uber app to receive the free wash. Add them on Instagram @wash_valet for even more discounts and prizes.
  4. Riders Champion

    An introduction to the IMO Car Wash at Sydney Airport (Domestic)

    There's this carwash...
  5. Car Wash Guy

    Professional Courtesy - Car Wash Discounts

    Hi Gang, A few friends of mine drive for Uber and I give them a 50% discount on our car wash. I would like to extend the same professional courtesy to other drivers. I own a 24/7 Self Serve Car Wash in Largo. It has an Automatic Touch Free Automatic that uses high velocity water pressure so...
  6. PlainJaneX

    Car Wash

    Heads up Derricks Carwash is offering Unlimited Carwash Pass for a limited time. I got mine from the Socastee location. The passes are charged monthly to your credit card.
  7. Maderacopy

    Sacramento Free Carwash Until January 16th (Vaccuum Also)

    Hello Sacramento Uber/Lyft drivers, Brand new car wash is giving free car washes through Saturday. I got mine washed this morning (even though it is a damp gloomy day) Excellent car wash!!! Vaccuum also.... It is on Highway 99 and Sheldon Road. Just drive around the back of the New McDonalds...