1. tub67696

    Anyone have their car on Getaround?

    Not driving that much anymore and was thinking about putting my vehicle on Getaround? Heard Turo is terrible but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Getaround? Thanks!
  2. QLDUberDriver

    Anyone think this gig is long term? Think again.

    U.S. News, but I'm sure it will spread here: Uber Is Now Offering Car Rentals Alongside bikes, travel time quotes, and public transportation. Uber has teamed with car-sharing service Getaround to produce Uber Rent, a car renting service that finds and unlocks cars listed in the app to rent by...
  3. wags229

    Sharing a car

    has anyone ever thought to share a car? i really like driving uber part time but my car is not very gas efficient. i want to buy a cheaper, older car that is better on gas but i want to split the cost with someone. has anyone ever used hyrecar here? i spoke with a guy from the website today. it...