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  1. MikeNY

    Uber vehicle requirements

    How does Uber come up with Uber Vehicle requirements for Select or other categories? For example, the all new Cadillac model ( never seen before ) XT4 should be on the list of Select vehicles. 2019 Lexus NK 2019 Toyota Rav4 completely redesigned Do they have an option for...
  2. 8

    STOLEN Impala LS 2002

    Some creep took my Black Impala LS on an unauthorized joyride sometime after 9pm on Tuesday and it has not been seen since! I will gladly offer a $100 reward if information leads to the property being returned. If anyone spots this vehicle on the road or ditched someplace please contact me...
  3. Tuhes

    Cars disappeared from rider app

    I don't see any ghost cars including mine on rider app. I can' t see how many cars around me . Probably automatic update.Im using Android phone.
  4. UberPotomac

    Town Cars or Crown Vic’s

    Does anyone knows if UBER allows Crown Vic’s or Town cars as UBERX cars?
  5. Robert Li

    Uber and Lyft drivers

    We are working for pennies, 0.72 cnts and 0.76 cnts with Lyft per mile. The most of the rides are X and Lyft , with pool and line is less, we need to organize and demand a raise on the price of the mile that the Corporations pay to us. We are destroying our cars for nothing. We are not...
  6. RamzFanz

    What is your guess as to when Waymo opens to the general public?

    Self driving cars are here carrying select civilians on live roads. The next step is to remove the Waymo employee from the passenger's seat. Waymo will then go live to the general public in Pheonix AZ. When do you think this will happen?
  7. Zdriver19


    Does anybody know how to remove a car from the list of vehicles on Uber? I have two cars and would like to delete one.
  8. MHR

    Article - When Will Driverless Cars Really Arrive?

  9. Syed Ali

    Uber car solution

    Hi guys! My car is nov 2010 holden and i have been driving uber on it since feburary this year, now got an email from uber saying i would have to get my car inspected so i was just wondering as SA regulations states car has to be less than 8 years old and uber eventually has to change it to 8...
  10. Aevans


    Wash Valet is offering all Uber drivers a free car wash at their Perimeter Mall Location. Pull in to the Hammond Drive side of the mall parking lot across from Chik-fil-a, and present your Uber app to receive the free wash. Add them on Instagram @wash_valet for even more discounts and prizes.
  11. M

    Car following you ?

    Hey all has anyone noticed a car following you. I was around north beach and a black GMC pick up truck was following me around. I tried to lose him and the. He reappeared again behind me and scared the he'll out of me. I ran away again and crossed red lights I had no passengers with me. But has...
  12. SurgeMasterMN

    Auto Show Week - Has anyone worked this week previous years?

    Was curious has anyone worked the autoshow week the previous years? Did u see a bump in rides? I would think the day or two before it is done Mpls to airport will be bumping..
  13. SurgeMasterMN

    Uber has hired a NASA researcher to help it build flying cars

    This looks like fun who is gonna be the one in Minneapolis to give this a shot? I am in!! http://www.businessinsider.com/uber-reportedly-hires-nasa-researcher-for-flying-car-project-2017-2
  14. aussiesta

    Do you wash your rental car?

    Hi, I wonder if people wash rental cars used to drive for Uber, either from LionCity or another rental company.
  15. Charlie Schwartz

    Buying used car... how old?

    There are really good 2009 cars selling for 10k with almost no mileage... I thought those were good until (including?) 2019, but now i see there is a 7 year limit... i am very confused.
  16. UberxGTA

    Future headlines on uber's automated cars.

    "Consumer adoption of automated cars less than expected." Two reasons 1: inadequate programming and accurate GPS. Picking up people at their doorstep is impossible. Driveways, laneways, parking lots etc along with inaccurate gps coordinates will force uber to also force pax to walk to...
  17. RUSSREED2.0


    Well we all survived at least I hope so. I would like to thank everyone on this holiday weekend who kept LA/OC/SD/CC/SGV/SF moving. With that, ( pours almond milk ) lets trade XMAS tales. I have two, both dramatic. LYFT STORY! ( its long ) I finally reached the end of my night and ALL day...
  18. UberxGTA

    Headline: Passengers robbed, raped, and murdered in a self driving car.

    http://miami.cbslocal.com/2016/12/19/person-of-interest-questioned-after-uber-driver-kills-would-be-robber/ http://miami.cbslocal.com/2016/12/20/police-search-for-person-who-carjacked-uber-driver/...
  19. UberxGTA

    Self Driving Cars in Doubt

    http://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/news/it%E2%80%99s-been-a-rough-few-weeks-for-self-driving-cars/ar-BBxtKtI?li=AAggNb9 More than just a couple of rough weeks ahead for companies involved with testing or producing self driving cars.
  20. L_Boogie


    Is anyone using the Lyft express drive option? Are the rental cars brand new?