1. mobilads

    How do drivers in LA make time for a side-hustle?

    mobilads is offering drivers $200 this month to get their car wrapped with an advertisement by Cargo in LA. Learn more and schedule your wrap appointment here: “As soon as I signed up with mobilads my ratings skyrocketed, my tips increased and I always have a positive...
  2. Lissetti

    Oxymoronic Experiences

    I'll start. I've mentioned here before that I used to drive Semi Trucks. Here's my latest beast : One night when I arrived at the PepsiCo Warehouse to drop off a load of cereal, the dock man and I became aware of a load shift inside the truck. The manager came over and started taking...
  3. U

    Cargo Box

    Cargo has not sent me new products in about a month now. Does anybody know why?
  4. _SEAM_

    Uber Drivers Can Sell You Goods During Your Ride

    Uber drivers Can Sell You Goods During Your Ride From: Engadget | Author: Jon Fingas Don't be surprised if you get a sales pitch the next time you step into an Uber car. The ridesharing service has formed a partnership with Cargo to give drivers free boxes full of goods they can sell to...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Uber partners with Cargo to help drivers make money by selling stuff to riders Uber has teamed up with Cargo, a startup that makes it easy for rideshare drivers to sell goods to their passengers. Cargo works by giving drivers free boxes, filled with goods...
  6. LinnyVan

    Did your Cargo box melt in this heat?

    Seriously... Is anybody doing Cargo? I just can't imagine having that box in my car all the time and asking people if they want stuff on the ride. To me it seems awkward especially in the morning when Pax are cranky and on their way to the airport. The company had a meet and greet last week on...
  7. RonBurgundy

    Wrong Classification? Not UberX?

    Hi, I drive a Toyota 4 Runner SR5 (5th Gen 2011). It has a third row seat I can pop off if I need to but it is cramped. It's made for kids. I don't really want to pop it up to Uber people. My main concern is that since I drive an SUV (white exterior and no leather inside) should I still be...
  8. Cargo

    Cargo is coming to LA! We're here to answer your questions.

    Get paid to give free items to passengers. 100% free for drivers. Signup at: Here’s the breakdown: 1.) Cargo doesn’t cost you anything, and half of the products are free for passengers. 2.) Passengers order and pay for products on their phone in under a minute. They do not...
  9. HPClays

    Cargo Launch

    So I just got blown up today about the Cargo Launch. In true Uber/Lyft fashion they are having a Launch party....tomorrow...during the day....they announced it 24 hours in advanced...surprised they didn't announce it when it was half way over. Private message me if I've ever said anything of...
  10. QLDUberDriver

    Dont be a fool for the next Uber income scam "Cargo"

    This seems to be trying to excite the already grubby pax that bring food to UberX drivers. Nick Whigham seems to be one writer who cant wait to stuff his face with food on his way to media lunches instead of writing the truth about workers incomes. All those who think this is a great way to add...
  11. Cargo

    Free Red Bull for passengers for Super Bowl LII

    Hey everyone, Cargo is teaming up with Red Bull to provide Minneapolis drivers with thousands of cans of Red Bull to give out to their passengers and help drivers earn more money. Cargo helps rideshare drivers earn more money by providing complimentary and premium products to passengers and...
  12. BurgerTiime

    Make extra income with Cargo!

    Full story: What do you do if you’re a cash-strapped Uber driver looking to make a few extra bucks without putting in extra hours? Why, you sell goods to passengers, of course...
  13. smoran26

    Cargo at 200 Rides, the good and bad

    so I got CarGo to try getting some extra income while doing rideshare. I’ve had it for a little while. The pros Easy to use. (Pax doesn’t have to sign up for app or download anything) At least 4 Free items to offer and you get paid $1 for each order Charging and lighting Cons Awkward...
  14. smoran26

    Anyone used Cargo in Boston area?

    Wondering if anyone has used Cargo yet while doing Uber/Lyft. What kind of extra cash have you earned? Does it create a lot more mess in your car? Is it worth the hassle? I messaged about getting it, but haven't made a final decision and wanted some input if it works in this area. Do pax get...
  15. DougT

    Cargo - nice idea for drivers

    Here is a link that we can sign up for cargo. It is not in our area yet, but the more drivers we sign up the better our odds are! -
  16. Cargo

    We're Cargo, a company that helps drivers earn more money. Ask Me Anything

    Hey, this is Eric and Kevin from Cargo, a company that helps rideshare drivers earn more money by providing FREE snacks, samples, and premium products to passengers during their ride. We're currently operating in Chicago, New York, and Boston, and we're in the process of expanding to other...