1. H

    uber is ripping drivers off

    Hey guy's just want you to know i'm in long island been driving for uber for about a month and I think we all need to get together and file a class action lawsuit against uber,me and my friend signed up at the same time and we both noticed that uber randomly takes out anywhere from 35-65% and...
  2. F

    Caught stopped at a Bus Zone....Fat ticket....smh...$288

    Disclaimer: This post is more of a space to vent than to be informative, but if anyone has advice they'd like to share, be my guest. I was caught stopped at a bus zone going westbound on Market st near Powell while picking up passengers there. The customer was pinged on Market st. while the...
  3. RUSSREED2.0

    Something Very Disturbing is taking hold..

    Look no matter who you support, there are things creeping up, that everyone needs to be in the look out for. Drivers stay safe, this is just sad... Just be careful. This hurt my heart. Where are we headed. Homeless or not, no excuse, be careful...
  4. financeguy13

    Crazy drivers tonight (not Rideshare drivers)

    Be careful out there everyone! Saw so many crazy drivers on the road tonight in Dallas I lost count. Holiday weekends can be so crazy. As drivers, aren't we looking out more for the stupid drivers so much more than ourselves! Worst was a semi truck traveling southbound 75 and crossed a couple...