1. Gone_in_60_seconds

    How much does a car alignment cost?

    Hello fellow drivers: Would like to know how much a 4 wheel car alignment cost? I think my alignment is off, as indicated by the position of the steering wheel when I try to keep the car straight? My alignment is off probably due to all the potholes that I've hit on the Gardiner Express Way...
  2. I

    Lyft keeps cancelation fee.

    I picked up first pessenger and second passenger added automatically. When I reached to pick up second pessenger but it did not show up. So, I tapped ‘no show up’. It didn’t get paid for cancellation fee but Lyft kept all the cancellation fee.
  3. SamUber91

    Thinking of buying an older Escalade

    Hi all, I’m thinking about purchasing a 2005 Escalade that my friend is selling really cheap and is in excellent condition. I know the gas is terrible but I could do UBER XL with it. I would also use it to shlep around my spouses family who don’t have cars since we always have squeeze into our 5...
  4. B

    UK car insurance for Ubereats

    Just wondering what everyone else uses in the UK if delivering by car? Currently I deliver by bike, but the majority of areas I work in would be easier in a car as there is quite a distance between where you receive the pings and the pick up (restaurant). I tried Zego but they refused to insure...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Driver asked to cough up $1k after his vehicle was shot up five times On Sunday morning, around 2:30 a.m. in the Depot District of Lubbock, Texas, Uber driver Jake Collinson responded to a trip request. When Collinson picked up his passenger...
  6. observer

    Buyer beware, how to avoid buying a used Uber or Lyft car.
  7. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Customer with grocery bags that put the bags on your rear car seat.

    Has anyone has this problem? I'm not sure why the customer did not request the use of the trunk or put the grocery bags on the car floor. What is wrong with people? I don't want my rear seats dirtied or damaged. Wish the PAX would treat someone's else car as their own!
  8. A

    Town and Country

    Hey guys, Is there anyone that is able to drive their Chrysler Town and Country for Select? Cheers!
  9. thatridesharegirl

    Prius Love

    Especially in Urban markets, Prii seem to be the go-to econobox to haul pax. The driving experience is an acquired taste I've come to savor. I'd love to see how others have shown their Prius some love. Post your Prius! I'm rocking a Super Dirty 2012 Prius II in Winter Gray Metallic with 123k...
  10. Uguy22

    The future of cars

    What will the future of cars look like?
  11. J

    Uber black fleet owners?

    Any of you guys here or know someone who is a fleet owner? Pm please. Thanks
  12. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver carried on picking up passengers without realising customer left her toddler Mum Elisabeth Katompa, a nurse, described how she screamed in panic and phoned 999 after the car drove off in Tottenham just after 11pm on Wednesday as she went to open the car door...
  13. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Insurance Question - Accident Forgiveness endorsement, do you have it?

    Hello Community, I got a quote from an insurance company that shall remain unnamed. The broker added onto the policy, an endorsement for Accident Forgivess. I have been driving for over 10 years now, and have NEVER ever had Accident Forgivenesss coverage and have NOT been in an at fault...
  14. U

    What car vs what MPG.

    Just a curious thought as am in the market for a new car. We all know car manufacturers exaggerate on their MPG figures. From experience what cars get what MPG in London? I have heard that Prius's claimed 72mpg is more like 40.. My bmw 325d got around 40-45 in London without trying too hard...
  15. Makeabuck

    Financed On a Car in San Diego County With horrible Credit and 200 down

    If you are reading this you may be in a position of having really bad credit and need a rideshare car. Never thought it would happen but I just got a 2015 Passat. Almost as nice as my prior totaled Camry. It was a prior rental. It is a beauty. I like others had almost no money down and the...
  16. C

    Uber Just Put Drivers Out Of Work !!!

    Hi, me and my boyfriend bought a car about 8months ago, we don't have the best credit but we got a good new car to use for Uber with a $300 payment. We used uber everyday, sharing the car to work, we have followed all the rules for Uber, and have high scores and amazing comments from riders...
  17. Gone_in_60_seconds

    What is the smallest sedan used for LYFT/UBER in the GTA?

    Hello Community, just wanted to know what is the smallest sedan you have seen used for Uber? My friend who is a full time driver, advised me the smallest vehicle was a Honda FIT? Anyone seen a smaller vehicle used? And, do passenger mine to ride in a vehicle with no leg room? Especially if...
  18. CabDriver

    I need a tlc car

    i passed my tlc test i did my drug test , finger print and everything so my license should come in the mail in about 3 weeks but I don’t have a tlc licensed car and uber won’t let me rent because I’ve only had my license for about 4 months even though I’ve driven more that 1,000 miles In a...
  19. SoCalGabbieCash

    Las Vegas Uber forum

    Hey fellow Los Angelian rideshare drivers. I relocated to Las Vegas from Los Angeles in 2016. I saw that Uber and Lyft were here and thought I would give it a try. Man was that a mistake. Initially, I started off doing Lyft. It would take me 10 to 11 hours just to make $100. Then there's the...