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car seats

  1. Bevital

    More Kids no Carseats

    No more Zoo pickups for me . . . Once again, I get called out to the Zoo from Downtown (Hyatt). Saturday afternoon, I should have known better. I show up, PAX is a very attractive Hispanic Woman with two kids. I roll down the window and ask her "how old are your kids"? She gives me a bewildered...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Drivers reportedly transporting children without car seats

    https://www.abc15.com/longform/lyft-uber-car-seat-law This is a problem where both drivers and their parent passengers are to blame. In Arizona, state law requireschildren younger than 8 years old or less than 4 feet 9 inches tall to sit in a proper child safety seat. The purpose of this...
  3. MHR

    How's this car seat thing working out?

    https://www.uber.com/info/nyc-car-seat/ Was wondering if y'all got anything from the extra $10 Uber's charging and how this is working out for y'all in general.
  4. Retired Senior

    Ct UBER Drivers - do you enforce the Child Car Seat Laws?

    My rating took a hit 2 weeks ago when I told a woman that I did not have a child safety seat in my car and that by law I could not transport her child. Today I picked up a family that was staying in the downtown Bpt Holiday Inn and they had a toddler. I'm not really happy admitting this but they...
  5. TheThings

    Toddlers, no car seat

    How do you handle requests when you get there and it is someone with Littles who should be in a car seat?? For liability reasons, I'm declining rides. I'm surprised Uber seems to allow it because the response i received was that i could politely decline, not that it was against policy, though...
  6. uber.duper

    Car Seat Cancellation

    You can imagine that driving 6-8 hours a week on weekends in Hoboken doesn't really cause me too many run ins with babies and small children, however I somehow got two back to back parents/kiddies last night at midnight. You can already imagine the responsibility levels here... First, was a...
  7. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Kids and car seats.

    What kind of idiot driver is so hard up for rides they would allow people to let their small infant and toddlers ride without car seats? PLEASE GROW UP Get BALLS REFUSE THE RIDE GET PAID YOUR CANCELLATION. YOU FOOLS! you break the law take stupid risk and then the rider expects the same from...

    Warning: Don't take kids without car seats!

    I'm sick and tired of getting stuck in situations where a pax puts up a fight because I won't take a kid without a car seat. I'm also tired of hearing other drivers get in the same situation. If I catch you doing it, I'll report you to Uber and call the cops! It's illegal and morally...
  9. T

    Car Seats / Under 8 and Under 57 inches

    Are you guys picking up children especially those that need car seats, infant seats or booster seats. I decline all of them. I'm looking out for myself. Read: Any child under the age of 8 years old and a height of 57 inches shall be secured as follows in the rear seat of a motor vehicle...
  10. ubertherapist

    child Car Seat

    Good evening, I'm finding that there are parents who use uber that don't have car seats. I was floored today by one parent who said shopping was more important then carring around a car seat. I stopped at target and bought the mother one and told her she needed to have a car seat for her child...
  11. PTUber

    Car Seat

    So I go to pick up a PAX out walks 2 gals and a 1-2 yr old baby. Of course no car seat. I ask if they have one and they don't so I say I can't take you with out one against the law and my liability. Guess what they say? Yep, other Uber drivers don't care. So I politely say well try another one...
  12. Broken Wrecker

    Kids' Car Seats vs. PAX Luggage

    Hello All, So I'm a new driver for Uber, still going through the verification rigmarole or whatever, but looking forward to doing some Ubering! What I am wondering about is whether any of you guys are keeping car seats in your trunks while Ubering. I have 2 car seats and I'm thinking of...
  13. Ziggy

    Child Seat Laws [Map]

    2016 Child Seat Laws. Go here (source) and hover over your state to get the details.
  14. The-one-89

    Rules in the car. Would it be ok if i print up a sign and post inside the car.

    Would it be ok if i print a paper and post rules i want drivers to follow. Seem like everybody has a had time remember the seat belt law. Can i write a note. 1. Please have seat belts on at all times. 2. No smoking in car. 3. No alcohol in car. ** tips are always welcome as they are not...