car seat

  1. D

    Lyft Won’t Honor Streak Bonus

    I’m furious. This morning I was pursuing a $25 bonus streak on Lyft. Made it to the 3rd passenger who comes to my car with 3 very small children. I asked how old they were and she said “4”. Then I asked if she had car seats. Of course she didn’t. I canceled the ride after explaining to her that...
  2. Antvirus

    I Guess It's OUR Responsibility To Educate The Public About Car Seats?

    These ants are at your service! If they don't do it, who will? What a joke... Shuffle on folks!
  3. MoneyMitch

    UberX Car Seat

    Hello (Jersey driver here): I noticed your market has the option for PAX to select UberX Car seat. If anyone has ever driven with that, is it worth it? Up here, we don’t have that option but instead have the UberComfort trip option which is pretty useless since it’s priced more than XL and it...
  4. Cantina00

    New Here, I like Uber,, Child Seat Question :)

    Hi Neighbors,, A little bit about me.... I drive in Southern Jersey,,, 198 trips 4.8 rating I like Uber at $0.76 a mile and $0.12 a minute Uber would be perfect to me,, if it was $0.76 a mile and $0.24 a minute with better bonuses,, Better percentage of trips with tips,, I probably get...
  5. T

    car seat recommendations?

    Kiddo just outgrew his bucket seat and now needs a large rear facing. looking for recommendations for a (inexpensive) larger rear facing or convertible carseat that is relatively easy to remove so i don't have to waste a half hour trying to fight with the mounting strap. We could...
  6. BurgerTiime

    State Laws for Child Safety Seats in Rideshare Vehicles It can be a challenge to figure out what the rules are for transporting your kids in a rideshare vehicle. Laws are different from state to state, and they aren’t all crystal clear on who should be doing what. The guidelines below can help keep your children...
  7. N

    Ubers in Adelaide: with a baby

    Hi, May I know the correct rule for a baby without a car seat in my uber. Shall I refuse?
  8. Kurt Halfyard

    The Toddler/Car Seat Issue

    There are many threads in this forum regarding the uninformed or just reckless/lazy PAX who request a ride-share and have no Car Seat or Booster Seat for their child. Many drivers indulge them, exacerbating the problem. Some drivers have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy on this issue, which results in...
  9. Cd_smith315

    NO CAR SEAT? “No problem,hop on in”

    This must be what these disgusting humans think that i will say when they are toting their toddlers down the stairs of the gov. Assisted housing projects like a bag of laundry under thier arm. Time and time again i will actually get out of the car to show im serious and also to see if someone...
  10. BurgerTiime

    Guy rants on YouTube about drivers unwilling to give him a ride without a car seat for his kid

    Warning language Guess he doesn't care about laws or his child safety.
  11. Dan Smith

    How to make money with Uber Car Seat.

    I pick up a Uber family (carseat) passenger in Park Slope Brooklyn and the parents and baby daughter are headed to Dumbo. Oddly mom hops in the front seat and is washing her hands with perfumey hand sanitizer... Okay whatever. Too make a long story short I drop them off and give them 5 stars...
  12. PTUber

    Sometimes it all works!

    Leaving my office downtown St. Paul heading home SW Minneapolis so I turned on the destination filter. Sure enough I get a hit, pick up a guy going to MOA from his hotel. He's waiting on the curb. Small surge nice guy from Dallas. Drop him off and he tips me $2. Start to drive away get another...
  13. Maven

    Child Safety Seat Laws

    If you have not already encountered a parent with a young child, but no Child Safety Seat (car seat), then you soon will. The parent will beg you to transport them, despite the HUGE RISK to you, the driver. You may feel compassionate, but is that or a couple of dollars worth the terrible...
  14. Kat.from.New.Jersey

    Child, 2 or 3 years old. Car seat?

    I got a pool trip For 2 people this morning, 12 minutes away, and I took it because it was slow. For 2 people. Turns out it was a couple and a bunch of their luggage, and a very young girl, about 3 years old. 1st of all they only asked for 2 people, and I only have 4 seatbelts available. I...
  15. SuzeCB

    The importance of reporting problematic paxes

    Today as I was getting ready to race out the door and go take care of an incident at my son School, I got an email from Uber letting me know that I had been suspended due to a complaint a pax or should I say pox) lodged against me. They said the usual. They were investigating and would be in...
  16. CRV guy

    baby no car seat

    So I arrived at this low rent apt building in the west end and after 4 mins a young couple come out with the teenage girl holding a baby in her arms. She goes to the back passenger side door. The guy who looks all of 20 goes over to the driver side back door. They stand there for a couple of...
  17. Stimpy

    Uber car seat?

    Hi, I read something online about getting paid an extra $7 per ride if you have a car seat. Has anyone heard of this option being available in Detroit? Is there a way for me to sign up or is this only a New York thing? I already own a car seat so could I use the one I already own? It's not...
  18. M

    Car Seats?

    Does anybody have the Immi Go (Uber endorsed car seat? Does uber payout more for a carseat request? Is there a coupon code for this $200 add on?
  19. SMH Uber

    It's my responsibilty to have a car seat for 2 year old. Said no driver ever.

    Yep a rider told me it was my responsibility to have a car seat for his child when I asked them if he had a car seat; child was 2, but child looked younger. The gall! Thanks for the cancellation fee. If I haven't said it enough, don't take the chance. Not your burden to bear. But it could be...
  20. Rae

    How to get Free Child Car Seat List

    Ok instead of just b______g and venting on everyone else's threads, I figured I'd start my first post and see how it went. Can we get together and come up with a list of ideas for how parents (in any area of the country) can get free or low cost child safety seats? I had yet another brain...