car rental

  1. Silent_Philosodriver

    Car Available for Rent - Sept - Dec

    Hi peeps, So far, I've been lucky in being able to rent my vehicles to other drivers. Usually it works better to rent for 3-4 weeks as Insurance has to be in the (renting) driver's. So if you: a) Need some time to fix your car but don't want to rent (or can't because Enterprise is always...
  2. P

    Cars for rent for Uber!

    ATTENTION ALL UBER DRIVERS! WHY RENT FROM US? ✔️ Clean and highly well maintained cars ✔️ Enter Malaysia ✔️ Friend referral fee of $150 ✔️ Low deposit of $500 only ✔️ Contract period 1 month / 3 month/ 6 month ❌ Road tax ❌ Insurance ❌ Car maintenance ❌ Minimum trips required 24 Hour...
  3. S

    Uber Cars

    Hi I've noticed that recently there are many new uber cars on the road and anyone know where are they from? Like the new vezel shuttle and Mazda 3 which car rental do most people rent from?
  4. BYD_NYC

    Avoid long-term vehicle commitment. Rent a long-range EV by the hour.

    Interested in flexible or part-time vehicle options? Call BYD Motors at 718-824-0080 or text 661-878-4717 to inquire about the NEW HOURLY/DAILY electric vehicle rental program! No long-term vehicle commitment. No gas, insurance or parking expenses. Long range 180 miles on a single 2-hour...
  5. yourgrace

    Newbie's obvious questions

    Hi gents I'm new here, got my PCO licence just few days ago and planning to start with U soon. I've read many of your complaints re working for them and I think I'm roughly aware what I can expect and that this is **** except first few months when they gonna feed me with jobs to turn me on...
  6. Kevin83

    PCO car hire advice

    Hey there, Need advice about PCO car hire. I'm relatively new to Uber, a friend suggested to rent a car through PCO car hire companies as that's more convenient. I found a deal on one website, company offers 30£ per day (PRIUS 2012-2013) with a prospective of hire to purchase, in a year and a...
  7. M


    Lets introduce all the cheapest and most reasonable car rentals... I shall start the ball rolling.... make them work hard and let market forces them to come with cheaper car rental and less stringent requirements... all uber and grabcar drivers we support each other and prevent these blood...
  8. Idle Cars

    Idle Cars is the better way to rent for-hire vehicles

    Why rent with Idle Cars? In the NYC Uber market, the only thing that matters is bringing home every possible penny you can. With unpredictable fares and rates, why not protect yourself in every way possible? As a professional driver, your car is one of the biggest expenses in your business...
  9. iRideShareDC

    Response To Your Comments/Inquiries On Post From 9/14/2015

    Dear UberPeople Community, We whole heartily apologize for the delay in response to your messages. Thank you all for the incredible feedback, challenging questions, and for letting us know your views on what we are trying to accomplish. We went through your comments/inquiries and came up with...
  10. iRideShareDC

    UberPeople Sponsors iRideShareDC -- Leasing New RideShare Cars (Best Deals)

    Dear UberPeople community, Before reading this, we want to make it clear that your feedback on our startup is extremely valuable and important to us so please, after reading this, send us a message and let us know your thoughts! We are iRideShareDC, a Washington, D.C. based company and our...
  11. S

    Car rental with low deposit and monthly rental cost

    Hi everyone, I have a Nissan Sunny for rent at $1,500 per month with deposit at $800. Car can be used for both uber and grabcar. 3rd party insurance excess $1,500. Minimum 3 months rental. Interested parties please contact 9456 3179. Thanks!