car maintenance

  1. R

    Best Car Maintenance Strategy

    What have you found to be the best way to maintain your car? Are you doing most of the service yourself? Or are you going to some of the local mechanics?And what are the big maintenance areas? I'm thinking about starting a business that specializes in Uber/Lyft maintenance and cleaning - but...
  2. Uguy22

    Anyone who used CarAdvise??

    As Uber Pro Diamond Uber recommends CarAvise to get a better price for Oil change and car maintenance, dents... Any feedback???
  3. autopilot

    The Ultimate Guide for Uber Strategies

  4. J

    Uber is Charging You to Kill Your Car

    Recently I signed up for Uber. I have a full time job, but I looked at it as a way to make extra cash. Unfortunately maybe I am too logical because when I figured it out, I figured only a fool or a person with very few other options would do this. This isn't an attack. Boils down to simple math...
  5. mobyCar

    Do you trust car workshops?

    Hi all, Started this thread as we find many motorists in Singapore always find it a chore to find workshops for servicing. Apart from that, other issues like trust (fear that workshops are conmen), quality and service are some problems facing Singapore's motorists. The most common being charged...
  6. Starman@uber

    Pretrip Safety and Driver Safety Tips

    As a Precision Driver, trained for Film and TV Productions and as I drive part time for UBER I'd like to share some basics for new or old Uber/Lyft Drivers if they don't already do this. If it can help you in anyway, great! If not carry on as you do :) Pretrip Inspection: What's a Pretrip...
  7. hellodrivers

    Getting your car service

    I was wondering if Uber, Lyft or any ridesharing company doesn't provide benefits for car service (correct me if I'm wrong). Where does everyone go to get a better deal, save or spend less when getting their car service?