car insurance

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Be very careful about Uber Eats insurance coverage

    At rideshare lunch yesterday, I listened to a driver relate a troubling experience concerning car insurance and Uber Eats deliveries. The driver concerned had comprehensive coverage (with rideshare annotation) with Allianz. Following an accident while driving privately, the driver phoned...
  2. R

    Car Insurance for Postmates in Long Island

    Which car insurnace companies in allow Postmates and Doordash drivers to deliver Postmates and Grubhub on their personal policies without terminating them such as Gieco, Progressive and Esurance. I know Allstate, Geico and Libery Mutual doesnt cover drivers while delivering for Postmates but...
  3. W

    UberEats: Getting personal and fast food insurance

    I'm wanting to start work with UberEats in the Uxbridge area of Greater London and understand that I will need to have car insurance that will cover me during the times that I am delivering, however I also need to have insurance on the car for private use. I've called 10+ companies to ask...
  4. S

    Car Insurance Cancelled

    Well it has been several months since I've posed the question but once again I ask: Has anyone had their car insurance cancelled due to having an accident while signed into the app and your car insurance company inquiring and discovering you were driving rideshare without specific rideshare...
  5. M

    Cheap Car Insurance

    Hello, Where to buy Cheap Insurance? I think Arkwright insurance is best? right?
  6. I


    Insurance is available at All Insurance Group call Sarah at 813-653-0936
  7. Coffeekeepsmedriving

    What is your car insurance premium for 6 months?

    I just found out I have to pay $1,250 for car insurance for 6 months. Thats $2,500 a year, New Jersey is really expensive for car insurance.
  8. P

    Car Insurance Recommendation

    Anyone recommend a good and reasonable car insurance? Whats your insurance company? Are you happy with that? I am covered by BlairDirect (without any accident/+10 years experience with 0 claim) and now called them to renew my policy on next month and a useless rep after ~1 hour on hold, told my...
  9. mobyCar

    Do you trust car workshops?

    Hi all, Started this thread as we find many motorists in Singapore always find it a chore to find workshops for servicing. Apart from that, other issues like trust (fear that workshops are conmen), quality and service are some problems facing Singapore's motorists. The most common being charged...
  10. Aurora

    New to Uber Toronto

    I would like to know what are the car insurance requirments, (it has to be business?) for uber pt drivers and how much a Toronto uber driver makes an hour average? thank you so much