1. waldowainthrop

    I Read Airbnb Magazine So You Don’t Have To
  2. ftupelo

    An introductory essay exploring the compensation of the Ant in a capitalist society

    Ants, I feel all of the frustration from the ants stemming from pay rates and I do believe pay is too low to be profitable in the long run. I would like to have a thoughtful conversation around this topic instead of ranting with system 1 knee-jerk commentary about simply raising rates as if that...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    Late Stage Capitalism And GEN Y/Z

    A good read: It’s no surprise, then, that young people have given up on capitalism. They aren’t just against it. They mock it just like a child might say: “I’m not afraid of that monster!”...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    On The American Dream [OFF TOPIC]

    Here is a nice piece over at MEDIUM for Karl Marx What do Ivy League grads — most of them — do? They go off to Wall St. What do people do on Wall St? They find ways, basically, to take money from the middle and poor, and give it to the...
  5. Karl Marx

    Capitalism is dead.
  6. Karl Marx

    Capitalism 'has been broken', top UK business leaders warn
  7. Karl Marx

    Paul Mason - 'Can Robots Kill Capitalism'

  8. circle1

    Yeah, Yeah That's Me (Us) . . . Welcome to Neocolonialism, Exploited Peasants!

    Excellent article! "We all know how old-fashioned colonialism worked: the imperial power takes political and economic control of previously independent lands. In the traditional colonial model, there are two primary benefits: 1. The imperial power (the core) extracts valuable commodities and...