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  1. D

    When can we expect the result of Uber Lawsuit against the City for the Cap limit till August?

    Can the Court decision come within weeks or is it many months away?
  2. K.O.N.Y

    The city council should've looked into capping online hours as well

    Capping hours would've had an immediate impact....plus a 40 online hour limit would deter saturators
  3. J

    Vote PASSED On Ride-Hailing Vehicle Cap

    For anyone who cares the slightest bit about this industry, my fellow brothers and sisters of the Tender Loving Care (TLC) society, this is OUR week!!. There are 3 things happening this week in which we all can come united and defeat ubers antics for good!. If you cant make it to the first...
  4. burgerflipper

    About the Cap

    I feel this forum needs another thread about the cap. Please post your thoughts here.
  5. LPHDN.com

    Petition Government to enact legislation to enable TfL to Cap

    Petition: Government to enact legislation to enable TfL to set Cap on PH licenses https://t.co/H1CTwPIdJT Need 100k This petition can easily get 100k signature! 25,077 Black Cab drivers & at least 63k PHV drivers + family members so pls spread the word! https://t.co/fdAPRwnKRM