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  1. Karl Marx

    Cannabis shortage will lead to a big increase in food costs in 2019.

    I was listening to CBC Ottawa this afternoon and on the business interview the guest predicted food costs will go up as much as 3.5% next year. Farmers are in a mad rush to convert their greenhouses to growing cannabis for domestic and international customers. The guest also said that many...
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Wednesday Night Surge?!

    is this a Pot thing?
  3. cmclemore

    Kickbacks for Life is Beautiful

    Just got this from Acres this weekend. 15$ drop off and free entry to win a TV for all Drivers. Normally they do $10 drop, so this is another way to make money. Good luck- I need a new TV!
  4. Kennedy C

    Ode to my Denver uber driver (Need for Speed: Cannabis Run)

    I stood on the sidewalk with my suitcase in tow. Off to the airport I had to go. He drifted the corner up on two wheels. Screeched to a halt I was getting the feels. Without a word I heard the trunk click. Threw in my bag thinking "geez what a dick". I jumped in the back seat of his tiny...
  5. Edman

    Can't get rid of Marijuana, Cannabis, Skunky smell left by the passenger

    Last night, I picked up a passenger who claims to be a Rapper that smelled like marijuana and stinky smell/ odor was heavy on his clothe. About 20 min ride and after dropping him, the smell lingered in my car. I rolled down all my windows to air it out but the skunky smell is already in my...
  6. problemchild5150

    cannabis convention

    Yes the cannabis convention I've had a few people go over to the Rio , Make sure you have some type of Febreeze They do stink Up the car, You don't want other passengers thinking you're driving around high. And if you do want to contact I hang out @ the Rio