1. Lissetti

    What candy/junk food was created the year you were born

    Ugh! I wake up to the more sad Coronavirus news on the TV. I need a distraction. As per the title.....My birth year was not a good year for snacks. That's the year Coca-cola came out with New Coke.However its also the year they invented Cherry Coke. The new candy that year was Sour Patch...
  2. Clarity

    Drivers who drove on Valentine’s, how was it?

    So who else drove on Valentine’s? How was it? I chose to drive Valentine’s evening. It was worth it. I earned more money in shorter period of time. I even decorated my car and added a candy basket. I quickly learned that it’s better to just hand pax a goody bag with assorted candy before they...
  3. Mista T

    Candy experiment... strange result

    2 weeks ago I was at a friend's house and he gave me some mini candy bars. I ate a bunch and grabbed a few extra. I put them in my car in an open cup holder spot in the very center of the car, with the intention of taking them into my house later. The cup holder is slightly back from the front...
  4. Clarity

    Did anyone else put Easter eggs in their car for pax?

    Finally back to weekend rideshare after a 7ish month break. I left Easter eggs with candy in different parts of the car in hopes to add to pax day. Not a single passenger bothered to take the candy or egg :laugh: A couple of times I found an egg open with the candy still inside. Interesting...
  5. Yam Digger

    The Stuff Uber Wants Us To Give To Our Pax

    Well lo-and-behold, this little missive landed in my inbox from The Mothership. Let’s break down this nonsense item-by-item: Phone Charger Yeah, I got a...
  6. Frank Underwood

    Chilled water, aux cable, mints!

    Any driver at this point who offers; water, mints or any sort of refreshment at this point is a doofus. No disrespect to my fellow drivers on this forum but Uber + Lyft are low paying services. This is not a black car service and should be as bare bones as possible. It shocks me when I meet...
  7. HudsonDriver4Hire

    Ready for a Spooktacular Halloween? BOOst Your Way to 5 Stars!

    Don't forget your candy and water bottles! I'm all for having a good, fun night but these people at U & L are off their damn meds! You know how many rides we're gonna have to cancel just for kids with no car/booster seats and minors riding alone?! GTFOH!!
  8. SuperuberSFL

    Left says water & candy, again !!!

    We give out candy ? And water ? How about you idiots raise the rates to a fair level ( instead of a bus fare) so we can afford to buy it ????? People you put in our cars for the price have no business being in our nice, clean, late model cars. They belong on a city bus for a city bus price...