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cancelled ride

  1. YouEvenLyftBruh

    Thank You Everyone. Cancelled Airport Pickup. Disaster Averted..

    I had an awesome day today. Full of awesome PAX, I know all gave me 5 stars, and it's thanks in part to the advice from all my friends here... Then came the ride to the Airport. Rule #1 - Always double check destination Had ride to Airport, chatted up passenger, found out he was going to...
  2. YouEvenLyftBruh

    PAX Cancelled Ride After I Had Already Picked Him Up... "accidentally"

    Finally had one of these mid-ride cancellations I've heard about. I had just picked this kid, and I see PAX in back fiddling with phone. Then I see that PAX cancelled the ride. This happened in under the 2 minute minimum, but I had already picked him up and was driving him. weird convo...
  3. Mista T

    My best pickup of the week

    Friday late night. 5 minute ping, I get there in 3. Guy is waiting for me in the parking lot of the bar. I roll down window. He shoves a $20 at me and says "I'm sorry I wasted your time, I changed my mind on the ride. Please dont trash my rating." As I clicked "Cancel - Do not charge rider" I...
  4. B

    So a driver cancelled on me.

    So this is the 2nd time it's happened to me now by the same Uber Driver. I send out the request and promptly get a notification telling me Kev is gonna come to pick me up. Shortly after this I get a message asking "where are you going mate?" I told him I'd tell him when he'd picked me up 5...
  5. UberExpGirl

    Wrong pickup spots? Wrong customers?

    Hi everyone. Has anyone had problems with Uber sending you to the wrong pickup spots? Or the wrong passenger gets in your car but its the correct contact number but its the wrong customer? I have been getting everyday a few uber ride requests at Bellagio when its supposed to be at Harrahs or it...
  6. UberReallySucks

    Canceling more rides than actually doing them.

    When Uber decided to lower the rates for their winter warm up nonsense in San Diego, I quit driving. For 4 months I didn't give one single ride. @ 70 cents a mile, it just wasn't worth it but now I see that @ 90 cents nothing has really changed much: Lots of 2 dollar rides for more self entitled...
  7. S

    Poor Edward & his 2013 E Class

  8. S

    Uber Lux

  9. gpic

    problems with cancellations

    I have been having problems with cancellations. First i had a passenger cancel, the I got pinged by him, then cancelled and repeat. When I arrived he said he never cancelled but thought I was cancelling. Then, today, I got the "sound" and message that the passenger cancelled. . Problem...
  10. Soco

    Uber XL at X rate.

    Recently I have noticed pax order a XL ride and then cancel just prior to my arrival. They then order a regular X knowing full well I'm still the closest vehicle to their location, having turned around and driven 95% of the way. This way they get a larger vehicle (more leg room I suppose) at the...
  11. afrojoe824

    Rider Said I "worked for her"

    Picked up a very self entitled middle aged rider. Picked her up (breaking the law as always) by stopping at a "no parking/no stopping" lane. Lady has bags and bags of her belongings. She tells me I needed to help her pick up the bags. On a normal given day, I probably would've helped but it was...