1. The INSURANCE Guide

    Who are the best insurance brokers in the industry ?

    Drivers have forever complained about their insurance brokers and I want to finally get an understanding of what makes a good broker and a bad broker, who are the better ones and and who are the worst, where is the FHV INSURANCE INDUSTRY heading ?
  2. U

    Final Deactivation - Impaired Driving complaint numero 3

    Sounds bad, right. Discovered I was deactivated this am real time. Responded to the allegations and assumed same outcome as the first two deactivation, but nope...they say this is final and irreversible. Next step: Identifying the cause. Go to the fare details for each trip till triple...
  3. Marco Solo

    Drivers' latest "scam": Forcing riders to cancel low-earning trips =================== "The 'scam' goes like this: Over the weekend, Kelly requested an Uber in New York City and was assigned a driver. But the driver never arrived and couldn’t be found at the...
  4. Chapindc

    Unaccompanied minor cancellations

    Im curious as to how many of us strictly apply it, or not The Ffuber thieves apparently don't care to inform riders, 1 more example of predatory profits & business
  5. Jack Malarkey

    Uber cracks down on high cancellation rates

    At 5.01 pm on Tuesday 17 July 2018, Uber sent drivers the following important email about an update to its cancellation policy that will take effect from Tuesday 31 July 2018: Cancellation policy update Making cancellations fairer We’ve heard feedback that high driver-partner trip...
  6. burgerflipper

    Calling pax

    Well friends, the season of cancelled surge rides is once more upon us. As we struggle to compete with yellow and other apps for lowest price + fastest eta, a surefire way to reduce cancellation rates is to reach out to pax - verbally - as soon as you accept the ride, and let them know that...
  7. O

    Do you think i was misunderstood ?

    i sent this message to help ; last night was the third time i was sent for a pickup at "Broadway Social Club" in Bethlehem , pa . and it was again a no-show ! Appears they are choosing who picks up there ! I sit there waiting while all the action is going on! I wait them limit and miss...
  8. DougT

    So many Lyft cancellations

    why do I get so many Lyft cancellations within a minute or two after getting the ping? I just get turned around or started towards it and I get a cancellation. This happens alot and is very frustrating! It dosentt happen so much with Uber - but constantly with Lyft
  9. delock51

    Being cancelled on frequently in a row - Deactivation?

    With a rating of 9.1 and 4000 rides under my belt, today I had a day where 3 consecutive pax misplaced the pin, so naturally I tell them to cancel and request again with the right address, and I collect my 4 dollar cancellation. But that was 3 cancels on a row that the system noticed, even...
  10. Zardoz

    For those who've been in an accident, w/ pax...

    Just curious to hear some advice , perspective , or even horror stories from those of you who have been in an accident (even a minor fender bender) when you had pax in the car , and how that changed things. Needless to say , gettin in a car accident is always a stressful thing , but can imagine...
  11. Pasha1959


    On Monday, April 3, I noticed that I was suddenly getting jingles from 18-22 minutes away just like Lyft. Before it was rarely more than 12 minutes. Until then I was concentrating on Uber most of the time because I did not like declining long pick-ups from Lyft, particularly at busy times. Has...
  12. MaximusMurkimus

    How do you let a pax down easy when you want to decline a trip?

    I know we all fantasize about just flat out declining a pax a trip for whatever reason here, but I'm finding that hard to do in practice without being irritable about it, The last pax I canceled on (for trying to cram 5 people in an UberX) I simply said 'I don't care about your reasoning" when...
  13. U

    Lyft Line troubles

    Whatxs the Lyft version of "go offline" in uber? i tried going offline he regular way, but it added a rider anyway. then i couldnt figure out how to cancel on the second rider without cancellong he whole ride.
  14. aggiesrwe03

    Cancellations percentage

    so I do realize that this topic has been discussed before, but I didn't get a clear answer searching the threads. I drive in a college town, and it seems I have a very high number of kids canceling trips, I've even had 4 or 5 cancel as I'm pulling up and I see them get into either another Uber...
  15. SuzeCB

    Disappearing Cancellations

    So I get a ping, and do my usual screen shot of the info from the app... same screen as where I then stop further requests and then contact the rider, sending a text explaining I don't leave the state and that if they have children with them, car seat(s) will be required as per state law. I...
  16. Buck Turgidson

    Requests out of Surge Area, Cancellations and Deactivation

    I'm new to posting here, my first time, but not new (depending on your viewpoint) to driving. I have close to 2000 rides in a very short period. I've noticed something recently with requests coming from Uber when I drive. I'm getting more and more requests that are unreasonably (to put it...
  17. Charlie Schwartz

    Can you rate a driver if you cancelled a trip?

    I had to ask two pax to cancel recently due to phone issues. In the first case, I had already started the trip and in the second, it was after the 5 minutes. Now I see that my ratings have dropped, after being on the rise. Could it have been these pax?
  18. clintz

    Rider Cancellations or when is the right time??

    Just wondering. If you ring a passenger and doesn't answer then get a lost a little, do the u-turn back and so on. then finally get a call through and they said they are already in a car (btw, i saw go catch in the area, at pick-up point) do you still press rider no show???? thankyou
  19. J

    cancellations and its effect on ratings?

    So i try not to cancel much but here are a few instances where i may. When its an uber pool request im increasingly cancelling (or accepting and cancelling) The question is does this affect my ratings with almighty Uber Also, ive bent the rules a bit because i'm tired of getting burnt. As...
  20. Uber_duber

    "Riders question Uber cancellations in DC" What are your thoughts?