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  1. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Passenger Cancellation and cancellation fees

    Would like to know under what conditions when a Customer requests an Uber and they decides to cancel, that the driver receives the $4.40 cancellation fee? Had 2 cancellations from pax, for both I accepted the request, one I received a cancellation fee, after the pax cancelled. For the 2nd I...
  2. Vazzy18

    Being Sent Out of County for Uber Eats

    Hi all, I am a driver in SoFla, Broward County and have been assigned to deliver in Hialeah on more than one occasion, which is Miami Dade County). I don't feel comfortable delivering to this area as I am not familiar with it. I've called support twice and both times I have been assured when I...
  3. Halfmybrain

    My "no-show" driver

    I hailed an Uber X Monday morning. Thinking as a driver, I found an empty/legal pullover spot at a Franklin St address, just north of Washington St. Text from Me: I'm on Franklin by the series of purple awnings (for Cosi Restaurant) [pauses in between texts] White RAV 4 Driver: I have...
  4. D

    Anyone else getting Phantom requests

    3 out of my 4 last trips the pax wasn't there couldn't contact them. My cancellation rate is now high. All in the city.
  5. sheridens

    Uber not sending cancellation notifications

    Late Saturday night during surge periods, four times after accepting pings during a trip, I turned up to the pick up address with the rider nowhere to be found. I texted and/or phoned each. Three told me that they had cancelled earlier on because I was too far away. One of these muttered...
  6. Halfmybrain

    THIS counts against drivers?

    From Uber's Priority Support Team (reply to a related topic): "Please note that when you have to cancel after waiting for a rider for more than 2 minutes, or you are unable to locate or contact a rider, these cancellations still impact your cancellation rate."
  7. Mista T

    Fastest cancel of the month

    Sitting in a coffee drive thru, waiting for a ping. On the edge of a surge zone. PING!! Ride with a surge of 1.3x. Not great but I will take it. Waiting for my drink, check the rider... 4.60 rating, only a 1.2x surge. WTF?? Cancel! Are you sure? Hell yes, I'm sure! I'm not big on games with...
  8. M

    Confused passenger here!!

    Hello :) I’m new to this forum to please excuse me if I’m asking a question that’s already been answered but I have this short story from a recent (fairly perculiar) trip that I took, here goes; I had just gotten into my Uber to go to work for the evening and within a minuite or so of the...
  9. I

    Lyft keeps cancelation fee.

    I picked up first pessenger and second passenger added automatically. When I reached to pick up second pessenger but it did not show up. So, I tapped ‘no show up’. It didn’t get paid for cancellation fee but Lyft kept all the cancellation fee.
  10. Zdriver19

    Frustrating Lyft cancellation policy

    Lyft's business has been picking up lately, but their cancellation policy is ridiculously stupid. I can drive several miles to pickup location just to have the passenger (or lyft) cancel the ride and receive no fee for my trouble, which turns me off completely from driving for Lyft. How do you...
  11. Androidcoder

    50 minute wait = $5

    When UberEats started in Minneapolis, about a year ago, you would get $5 for every ten minutes waited, at least theoretically. I actually did get some $10 and a couple $15 wait fees last spring when there were no boosts and no tips. At $3-$5 per delivery these wait fees were critical time...
  12. BurgerTiime

    This is what happened when a woman tried to trick her Uber driver into a free ride

    https://www.dailydot.com/debug/ryan-is-driving-uber/ A YouTuber named Ryan Is Drivingposts videos on his channel where he details his adventures as an Uberdriver. Usually, his customers just ask him to take them to Taco Bell or they talk to him about their Harambe body art. But late last...
  13. U

    WARNING: Drivers deactivated for passenger cancellations

    Just a warning about what happened to me, and after searching, seeing what's happened to other drivers. Lyft will deactivate you for passengers cancelling on YOU, not just the other way around. I was deactivated at 1am during the rush of NYE, after "too many passenger cancellations." I've gotten...
  14. UberAntMakingPeanuts

    Cancellation percentage is unfair!

    Accepting a ride needs to be more than just one tap on my phone. There should be an "are you sure" second tap. I would be checking the flights or checking UP while waiting for a good ping and I get the call while I'm tapping on my phone. Oops just accepted that. No I don't want a pax that's 10+...
  15. UberPotomac


    Lasted 5 min. Anyone?
  16. Hameed

    Pool earning new secret change

    Hello everyone, Today I noticed uber secretly start taking 25% commission on pool cancellations. I can understand slow business or stuff like that but when we have agreement with Uber that if there is no match or if we cancel pool request after timeout, uber cut is 10%. I know it's hardly 75...
  17. AllenChicago

    Cancel Fee Now Charged After 2 Minutes - Big Improvement!

    November 17, 2017 Got this e-mail from Lyft Today... (copy/paste) "2-Minute Cancellation Window Previously, passengers had up to five minutes to cancel a ride without being charged a fee. Now, you'll receive that fee if they cancel after two minutes." Should we assume that the cancellation...
  18. U

    Rider cancels mid-ride...should be a penalty!

    So, yesterday I haul out to UConn and figure I will drive all night through what I'm hoping will be surges. I get a ping and it's for a 45+ mile ride. Normally I wouldn't have accepted it because it would almost certainly take me out of an area near where I live and obviously will be a...
  19. Kawiz03

    Rejection Regret

    Maybe its me but you ever reject or cancel a ride then go about your day and not get a ping for a while and start to second guess yourself?? Like hmm maybe I should of taken that damn ride oh well \_●_/
  20. B

    Lyft works to withhold cancellation fees

    I have noticed that they have a very clear strategy. Please read this carefully as it will save you money and time as well as make sure Lyft doesn't hold onto our commission free payments. It will also probably help bump your rating up a few points when you get rid of those driver cancellations...