cancellation fees

  1. Angus MacAngus

    Lyft cheating drivers on cancellation fees

    Are they actually telling us to drive INTO buildings now to get closer to the passenger when they don't want to come out of their house or building on time? I was actually in the guy's driveway! How can I drive closer to the pax when I'm in his driveway and there are no roads to drive? And no, I...
  2. Hawk224

    Not paid for legitimate cancellations

    Have an ongoing issue with Uber... they are not paying cancellation fees. But they are charging the pax. Have to call support and tell them the time and location, and then they acknowledge it, but it takes 10 minutes on the phone talking to a non-native English speaking person. Uber is vague...
  3. Baddfrog

    High Cancellation Fees

    Got a decent cancellation fee tonight, $9.75. Had just finished a drop off around Farmington Hills and got a request at a bar in Waterford. Got to the bar and parked out front, texted the passenger and said I was waiting outside. Waited a minute after cancellation option came up before leaving...
  4. Zdriver19

    Lyft Canceled

    Anybody else irritated by Lyft's shenanigans? Several times, I drive all the way to pickup location just to have passenger cancel. Lyft automatically sends you a canned response why they can screw you out of a $5 cancellation fee. Uber takes a lot of blame on this board (deservedly), but Lyft...
  5. RogueErik

    Time and Distance cancellation fee?

    Has anyone else had a cancellation fee based on time and distance traveled to a pickup?
  6. Zdriver19

    Lyft's turn

    I know we like to criticise Uber for its shortcomings, but what about Lyft. Specifically their cancel policy stinks. For every no show, wrong address by passenger, or flat out cancelled ride by passaenger, you have to stop and write an essay why you should get the measely cancellation fee you so...
  7. Daren Rauer


    A RIDER CANCELLED 4 UBERPOOL TRIPS IN 2 MINS BUT DIDN'T GET CHARGED A CANCELLATION FEE. WTF? SUPPORT SAID THEY CANCELLED WITHIN THE TIME WINDOW.... I FOUND POLICY WHERE IT SAYS, "For uberPOOL requests, a cancellation fee may apply if a rider cancels the request anytime after a driver accepts the...
  8. QLDUberDriver

    Uber will now charge you extra if your driver has to travel longer to reach you

    Uber will now charge you extra if your driver has to travel longer to reach you Uber is adding a bunch of new fees to sweeten the pot for drivers who may be reluctant to wait for slow passengers, drive longer distances for more out-of-the-way pickups, or get hit with trip cancellations at the...
  9. S

    How to not get screwed by Uber?

    I got a ride request last night and went to the address provided by Uber. It turned out that the address was bogus, and the rider was at a nearby restaurant. So I left the apartments and drove around to the nearby shopping center and told the rider I was outside with a text. They texted back...
  10. Demetrious M Latham

    Cancellation fees

    Last night i had a pickup downtown drop off was also downtown a 6 min ride my next ride in the que was 1min away i go to destination no one was there waited 6mins total and called twice so i cancelled the trip as i was already getting paid for wait time come to find out i wasnt given the...
  11. Maven

    Avoiding PAX Ratings

    Is it true that a PAX cannot rate you if Either you or PAX cancels before starting the trip for any reason? After starting trip, Cancel with "Do not charge"? After starting trip, Cancel with any other reason to Get cancel fee? After you have traveled a significant distance, #2 and #3 still apply?
  12. Maven

    What Are The Differences Between Lyft and Uber?

    Pro Lyft in-App tipping Pays 100% of cancellation fees Pays return tolls Pays time between arrival and rider's appearance. Better (subjectively) customer service Pro Uber More & Closer Pings per hour due to larger market share Pays selected surcharges that Lyft does not (example: Conn. into...
  13. Neolyfter

    Recommended changes for Uber and Lyft

    Both Lyft and Uber work on the concept of packaged labor. The more drivers they have the more prices they can slash and still make a profit for themselves. But that also leaves the field open for a third party to come in with a different structure. For example: How motivated would you be if: 1...
  14. TecJay

    Shortage of Lyft Drivers

    I took an Uber passenger home Saturday night that mentioned she preferred Lyft. Her reasoning was the tipping option. She said she hardly ever carries cash and feels bad when she can't tip. I myself have square and paypal to take payments for another small biz. I don't use these options to take...
  15. UberReallySucks

    Getting Tiring to have to request a Fare Adjustment...

    ... On every POO request NO Show Cancellation. Just as tiring to see your trips "processing" for hours before showing up with or without the right amount. This was the only good thing left on Uber ... Instant processing and real-time totals. SMH
  16. McLaurin

    Uber Ended Cancellation Fees

    Today I contacted Uber about a cancelled ride to which Uber Support replied: "There is no longer a cancellation fee for our partners and riders. If you've waited for a rider for 5 minutes, you are welcome to cancel the trip and go back online so you can get another request. We'll connect you to...
  17. C

    Do Houston drivers receive cancellation fees

    I've been driving seven months in Houston. I have never received any compensation for cancellation fees. Has any other driver in Houston been paid a cancellation fee?
  18. UberMeansSuper

    Poll: 5 Minutes in $0 Cancel Fee City?

    I drive in Dallas/Fort Worth and we're one of the $0 cancellation fee cities (aside from $0.85/mile, $0.10/minute slave wages). I have taken to waiting only three minutes for the pax if they're not exercising the good ol' "toes on the curb" ritual I'm sure my fellow drivers appreciate. Do you...
  19. txtim1982

    Change in rider behavior

    Have you ladies and gents noticed a change in rider behavior since the cancellation fees were scrapped? I haven't been driving, but I've been told by others that it seems like we've been doing a good job of getting the word out, and that more and more riders are ready and waiting when their...