cancellation fee

  1. Jack Malarkey

    Allowed to keep refunded cancellation fee (for one day)

    My passenger inadvertently cancelled their request while I was waiting at the pickup point. He then re-requested and I drove them to their destination. I knew the passenger would be charged a cancellation fee of $10 as more than five minutes had elapsed since he made his first request, although...
  2. New2This

    What are the WUSA 9 reporters names?

    Anyone remember the WUSA 9 reporters that posted a few Uber stories? If so please post their names. Wonder if they'd be interested in this. It's not the $3.75 I am pissed about, but that they are penalizing drivers for following the law, and encouraging drivers to break the law and put...
  3. Jack Malarkey

    180 Days announcement: shorter cancellation window

    The 180 Days announcement has foreshadowed that riders will be charged the cancellation fee after two minutes rather than the current five minutes. (If the driver is running more than five minutes later than the scheduled pickup time, the non-payment of a cancellation fee will continue.) At...
  4. SuzeCB

    The importance of reporting problematic paxes

    Today as I was getting ready to race out the door and go take care of an incident at my son School, I got an email from Uber letting me know that I had been suspended due to a complaint a pax or should I say pox) lodged against me. They said the usual. They were investigating and would be in...
  5. delock51

    Being cancelled on frequently in a row - Deactivation?

    With a rating of 9.1 and 4000 rides under my belt, today I had a day where 3 consecutive pax misplaced the pin, so naturally I tell them to cancel and request again with the right address, and I collect my 4 dollar cancellation. But that was 3 cancels on a row that the system noticed, even...
  6. Dandy

    Uber Drivers Taking Action!

    Good idea or bad idea? Check out from today ABC13 news in Texas!!!!! HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston Uber drivers are coming together to voice their complaints about the company. Drivers will gather in the parking lot of George Bush International Airport and turn off their apps this afternoon...
  7. Q

    Airport not surging?

    Had it out with uber, a few days ago, over them not honoring cancellation fees. Haven't seen the airport surge since.
  8. Fostel

    UBER cancellation policy [FUN]

    Someone tried to use 'I should have received a cancellation fee' feature within the app. Uber responded... The only concern I may see that's actually is more than 5 minutes (5:03) ;-) but no, uber is using superior mathematics ;-) UBER for you ;-) Peace out!
  9. NoStopping

    Increased Underage Rider Requests and cancellation fees

    Over the last 2 weeks I have had at least 4 underage rider requests. These are blatant. 2 of them were pickups at schools for young looking people wearing backpacks. 1 of them was a 10 year old boy being picked up from a soccer game and the parent texted me saying that I am picking up their...
  10. Canteev

    What would you do?

    I go to pick up a pax, and we had a bit of a difficulty when it came to pickup location. Since I gots ticket for "blocking" traffic, I've been very careful about where I pick up and drop off. The address given on the app was not where the paxes were waiting. They basically needed to cross the...
  11. DeplorableDonald

    That ended well...

    Uber's getting to be VERY tight with cancellation fees lately. I got a ping late Friday afternoon to what turned out to be a private high school in upper N.W. I didn't cancel when I pulled up to the school because I have had school staff get rides. Not this time. Sure enough up comes a kid with...
  12. Alkimist

    Cancellation fee not applied?

    Okay, so a pax requested a ride, and they cancelled after im nearby. I drove from 3467 campus irvine dr going to w coastal peak newport beach which is like 10 mins of driving now the s2pid service rep said that this trip is not eligible for cancellation fee. What do you guys think? Her'es some...
  13. RedoBeach

    "Uber Math" Explained by CSR

    These people are OUT of their minds
  14. Whatevs

    How does cancellation fee work?

    So I surprisingly do not get many cancellations very often but had 2 in the past month. How do they calc them? I thought is was an automatic $5? So, my first one was I picked a girl up at McDonald's, pulled out onto Lake Street to drive her home and heard the cancellation ding. Turned back...
  15. Kawiz03

    Cancellation Fees Up

    So aparently the cancellation fee has gone up in Greater Maryland from $5 to $7. Keep in mind Greater MD is everything excluding Montgomery, PG,BWI and Baltimore City. Guess I'm going to do more cancellations.
  16. Phasmatrope

    New fee if pax cancels after you arrive-- clarification

    Hey all, so it's probably old news on this board-- or maybe they've updated their billing AGAIN, who knows-- but a couple of weeks back, I noticed that Lyft had FINALLY seemed to have updated/improved their cancellation policy, for when a pax insufferably cancels the ride AFTER you've arrived...
  17. Toucan12

    Cancellation Fee???

    Yesterday I had a rider cancel just prior to pick up, She immediately rebooked and took and paid for the trip. It would be unfair to expect her to pay a cancellation fee when she took and paid for the trip. Therefore I asked Uber to cancel the cancellation fee of $600 to the rider (this is the...
  18. Fireguy50

    1st time for everything (canceled & accepted)

    There was No Surge at the beginning of this story. :( Pulled up at the pin drop on campus, texted CoCo "Color Make Model ready for your Uber pickup outside" No text response, then a call that they are in different dorm 300ft down the sidewalk, I said "OKAY, I'm at the pin drop XYZ down the...
  19. UberMeansSuper

    Poll: 5 Minutes in $0 Cancel Fee City?

    I drive in Dallas/Fort Worth and we're one of the $0 cancellation fee cities (aside from $0.85/mile, $0.10/minute slave wages). I have taken to waiting only three minutes for the pax if they're not exercising the good ol' "toes on the curb" ritual I'm sure my fellow drivers appreciate. Do you...
  20. fiyawalker

    New Cancellation Policy is Ridiculous! Worse than before!

    So if a Pax cancels after 5mins AND you are within 5 mins of the ETA then you get paid. How stupid is that? So Uber changes the policy and thinks we're gonna be happy cause it's now $5.00. You will never get paid now. Do they think Pax's are stupid??? Example: You accept a ping that is...