cancellation fee

  1. S

    Cheated out of cancellation fee

    Uber just cheated me out of a cancellation fee this afternoon. I drove 6.5 miles to pick up the rider and encountered impassable road construction about .7 miles from the destination. Given the combination of rural/industrial topography (it is a somewhat outlying area( a designated detour...
  2. PioneerXi

    Revised Cancellation Fee

    I received my first revised fare notification last night. Uber revised a cancellation fee from $3.75 to $2.25. Where did they pull that dollar amount from? I don’t see that amount referenced anywhere in the rate card for the district. Uber claims the incorrect amount was applied. Wtf?
  3. LyftUberFuwabolewa

    Lyft's "5 minute rule" is going to get someone hurt

    Left has a rule that you have to arrive and remain at the pick up location for at least five minutes before cancelling to receive a cancellation fee no matter what the reason for the cancellation is. Sometimes you have to cancel because of an issue which presents itself after making contact with...
  4. warrior lady

    Gotta Love Drunk Millennial’s Math Skills

    waiting for XL pickup on Rhode Island Ave around 11 pm Sat. night.. Now this is Very Busy street and Not conducive to waiting AT ALL. I text guy and he says it’s actuallu down an alley and can I come down there. ( Already been waiting 3-4 minutes already). He desperately Pleads with me “ Please...
  5. manana

    Cancellation is $3 not $5

    I know it makes u feel good to know that you bagged an easy $5 cancellation fee when your rider doesn't show up but actually, Uber takes $1.25 of that and HST is $0.65 A little math and that leaves you with just $3.1 If u had to drive 3km to reach the rider and wait while car is on during...
  6. WestSydGuy

    Non XL car cancellation

    I picked up 5 people for an XL job last night, first time a PAX called me to check how many seats I had before I arrived. On the journey, they explained they waited a while for a previous Uber XL, who once he arrived explained he could only take 4 passengers and asked them to cancel and cop a...
  7. RogueErik

    Time and Distance cancellation fee?

    Has anyone else had a cancellation fee based on time and distance traveled to a pickup?
  8. Halfmybrain

    Chump took a dump . . .

    Then he called asking, "Which Uber are you?" and disconnected. BAM! Just in time for the cancellation fee.
  9. I

    Unaccompanied Minor should be a cancellation reason! yes or no?

    Why is there no cancellation reason for "Minor unaccompanied by account holder"? I've given rides to a few high school kids who could have passed for 18 but probably weren't. However, I have refused and cancelled two different rides for kids who said they were 12 and 13 years old. The most...
  10. kensteriraq

    Uber help is ridiculously incompetent

    I was multitasking and somehow managed to pick up a rider without that rider getting into my vehicle. I had literally just dropped off another passenger and apparently my next pick up was exactly the same corner. I got a call from her to pick her up a block away. As I started driving my...
  11. K

    Lyft @@@@@@@ wit cancellation fee

    Yea.. so the person requested premium ride from 10 miles away.. and actually i was on my way, the rider messaged me asking where am i, then i got a msg saying that i cant get cancellation fee since ride was cancelled less than 5 min. But when i checked, it passed 6 min, so i contacted customer...
  12. warrior lady

    Types of Pax(Not Race),Pax Attitude,Weather Conditions, or Location Cause Inner Roadman to Come Out

    Cold, Dark, Rainy Weather.. Pool pax with no surge Huge maze of apartment complex with tons of speed bumps Improperly dropped pin Add More to My List: Something to do on a rainy night!
  13. Daren Rauer


    A RIDER CANCELLED 4 UBERPOOL TRIPS IN 2 MINS BUT DIDN'T GET CHARGED A CANCELLATION FEE. WTF? SUPPORT SAID THEY CANCELLED WITHIN THE TIME WINDOW.... I FOUND POLICY WHERE IT SAYS, "For uberPOOL requests, a cancellation fee may apply if a rider cancels the request anytime after a driver accepts the...
  14. kensteriraq

    BS cancellation fee lesson

    Lesson learned! I will cancel every rider who does not get in my car by the time their ride is ready. Thanks Uber, you're teaching me that customer device does not pay. Backstory: I spent 20 minutes at the peak surge time (2:45am) on U Street last Saturday night and got paid zero dollars...
  15. QLDUberDriver

    New in app Timer for Pax wait times

    I wonder if this is part of some more to come since the new CEO started. Abit late but better than never. Although Ill hold my judgment until further testing and see if this is accurate or another smoke and mirrors game from the Uber Gestapo. The only thing that really matters is putting the...
  16. Demetrious M Latham

    Cancellation fees

    Heres the scenerio, Just getting off work from a armored carrier company still in full uniform (coat,shirt,badge,pants) it was raining and within 3 mins i got a req downtown they cancelled got another immediately after also 3mins i get there in 3mins i sit there for 2mins so i call the rider...
  17. Uberdriver_Orlando

    Pulled from hot spot!

    I can't understand what is happening in our sad depressing market lately. For the past few weeks things have been extremely screwed up with the method of receiving ride request. I have been in the parking lot of cowboys, on the side road of gilt during the surges. ( which are now adjust non...
  18. Jack Malarkey

    Cancellation fees missing in action: hunt 'em down!

    I found that there was no record anywhere in the app of a cancellation fee to which I was entitled. So I contacted Uber using the app and received the following response: Sorry to hear about the trouble here, Jack. We are aware of and working on an issue that's preventing some cancellation...
  19. D

    Lyft Cancellation fee

    If you arrive and click arrive and the rider cancels. Do they get charged cancellation fee?