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  1. FledglingWriter

    Same driver always canceling

    Whenever I order an Uber to go to work, I'm usually given the same driver only to have him cancel seconds later. I've had him as a driver twice before he started to cancel on me, I gave him 5 stars and my rider rating didn't change after his two rides. Is this a common occurrence to other...
  2. U

    Lyft Line troubles

    Whatxs the Lyft version of "go offline" in uber? i tried going offline he regular way, but it added a rider anyway. then i couldnt figure out how to cancel on the second rider without cancellong he whole ride.
  3. Showa50

    Account suspension, part deux (lax)

    Rep at Uber pen annex said my account was suspended because of too many airport cancels. Be warned mother Uber is on to you at LAX.
  4. Believe33

    Like it or not ! My car my rules.

    Hey guys for those of you who are just trolling through reading some of the forms I just wanted to add this" like it or not" my car my rules. First I got hired on Uber and Lyft I arrived with two cars one brand-new Toyota Prius and a used Toyota Prius that I earned on my own before I began...
  5. MulletMan

    Quick Response Text for Decision on Accepting Pax

    Hello this is Uber. May I have your destination please? Thank you! Is this a valid strat for deciding to accept or reject? I know we can't do too many cancellations, but the pax trips to Kroger and CVS are killin me. o_O
  6. N

    Anyone Else Cancel When Someone is Smoking As You Pull Up?

    I had a serious stink problem in my car for weeks after picking up a passenger who was smoking as I pulled up. So, I have started just either driving off, canceling or sometimes informing them why I am refusing their ride. Has anyone else adopted this policy?