canceled ride

  1. WiseAssGamer

    Can we start shocking those who cancel.

    #Firstworldproblem I know. But there’s nothing more annoying than a slow day, someone finally sends a request, then they cancel. Just a shock, not to injur them, but just to show them how annoying they are. Just a quick vent.
  2. Lapetak

    Cancelled On A Pax Inside Of My Car ='(

    I picked up a passenger on a train station, I was a newbie and I was supposed to be back at home to meet wife and the kids in two hours. When I started the trip I noticed that ride was 1 hour and a half away totally on the opposite way where I live. I calculated that my way back will take me...
  3. Cowboyup

    Rider cancellations during trip

    I've got 3 in one month. Double check your fairs. Pax are getting around the Uber system and you by shorting you. And they don't tip. You need to check every drop off and report it immediately. You have 48 hours to adjust they say. Also, picking up more than one passenger during...
  4. K

    Rider canceled mid ride - says her dad is a jerk

    So I pick up pax. Good looking, dressed provocatively. She asks if we can change the destination address to her friends house which I oblige. About 15 mins into our 30 min drive the ride gets canceled. I say did you accidentally cancel the ride? She says no, that's weird, the same thing happened...