1. ZenUber

    Unaccompanied minor cancellation

    What does the pax see when I cancel unaccompanied minor? Does it say unaccompanied minor?
  2. ZenUber

    Pax who ask us to cancel

    It's no surprise, when I refuse someone for being underage or not having a childseat, that they would ask me to cancel. It happens all the time. But I had a ping for a Lyft ride 13 minutes away. I normally wouldn't take it, but I was using the destination feature, and this ride would have got...
  3. Dropking

    Uber "False Positive" Acceptance Rate is Killing Customers

    As I write this, I'm staring at another Uber mess on my driving account. A passenger requested a ride that was accidentally accepted by me because of the awful way that Uber has implemented their new driver app. Normally, I immediately cancel these "false positive" acceptances but this time...
  4. TdotUber

    Ubers cancelation rules, if any?

    Just wondering how many legit cancelation with a no show is too many? In a 4 hour period this morning I had 5 cancelation all with a no show. Got paid cancelation fee for all of them accordingly... I made a habit to send support a generic message right after such situations, just in case a rider...
  5. Phasmatrope

    Frustrating/amusing pre-ride Cancellations? (where you made contact?)

    Just curious to hear if anyone here has any particularly frustrating/amusing Cancelation experiences they wanted to share/get off their chest? Hopefully nothing mid-ride--where the person was being difficult/threatening you-- but maybe something where looking back, you probably dodged a bullet...
  6. Zardoz

    Anyone here told a pax off?? (w/ or w/o repercussions)

    Just curious to hear if any of you have ever told a pax off when they were being difficult or unreasonable ? (preferably BEFORE a ride began , so you didn't have to accept them and risk them rating you after ... ) . needless to say , we ARE in the business of customer service here , and doing...
  7. Zardoz

    How to Cancel/comment with Uber??

    hey all , so i have been driving for lyft a bit but overall am relatively new to using / driving for uber . is it just me , or does uber make it really difficult to Cancel a ride when you are mid -ride?? on lyft , i have dealt with cancelations before the ride even began (usually because the...
  8. Herself


    Why do my cancelation rate goes up if the person never showed up???? Few days ago I pull up to the house,lady aproaches me and nicely apologizes that they changed plans ,than she says she s totally ok I will get reimbursed for time and gas money,I asked her politely to cancel,I figure she left...
  9. Cruzer716

    Cancellation Rate Adjustment...

    Today was my 2nd day in the job.... I got a request near the airport at one of the car parking companies.... I accepted and went there... When I arrived no pax showed up. I waited over 10 minutes and called the pax at least 5 times....I then cancelled the trip and hit "rider no show" as the...
  10. U

    Uber's new cancelation fee policy

    As is seen on the picture uber now credits a 5.00 fee if an uber X trip is canceled by the rider after 5 minutes and if you are within the 5 minute estimate that the GPS states. Before it was as long as you were arriving on time . This give us a little leeway for traffic. Also uber pool trips...
  11. Phasmatrope

    New fee if pax cancels after you arrive-- clarification

    Hey all, so it's probably old news on this board-- or maybe they've updated their billing AGAIN, who knows-- but a couple of weeks back, I noticed that Lyft had FINALLY seemed to have updated/improved their cancellation policy, for when a pax insufferably cancels the ride AFTER you've arrived...
  12. KING D

    Almost Finished Trip but Rider Cancel it!!! Finish Location

    Almost Finished Trip but Rider Cancel it!!! Finish Location what we can do at this case. ? what driver can do? u pickup and when you drop off hi/she leave car fast and cancel trip in second. of course run a way :) it`s possible? if yes what driver can do?
  13. Uber_duber

    Flat tire with a passenger

    I picked up a passenger and about 10 minutes into the ride I got a flat tire. I told him that we needed to end the ride. He was asking about canceling it but I told him that I didn't know how and to and to contact Uber. I also kind of mentioned that I still brought him this far. While I was...
  14. timberstx

    Nice surges this morning, but

    Nice surges but all my riders cancelled when I arrived. So I am going home without making any money. Thanks Uber for the no cancelation fee policy. My guess is its the new rider app. It does not tell the rider there is a surge. The old one they typed in the the surge before requesting. The new...
  15. U

    Uber Boston increases your max pickup to 30 days away

    Think more than 6 minutes is too far to get to a pax, try 30 days... What do you vets around here think of this offering? It looks like it's the same from the driver's...
  16. SMH Uber

    Does no show cancelations affect guarantee?

    I'm curious I had 2 no show cancellations on uber x, to the same address, but different people. I am wondering if this is a part of sabotage on uber's part as I accepted every ride during the late night guarantee period.
  17. PottLuck

    Too many Cancelations...

    I received this notification from Uber today, however I have never canceled a trip personally unless there is a no show and I can't get a hold of pax (and this doesn't happen much) Anyone else receive this? It appears that you’ve been canceling more rides than other drivers in Columbia, MO...
  18. kgj5000


    Hey everyone So I just started driving for uber and already have major concerns. First of all why are customers under the impression that tips are included. Also are we supposed to get paid more for additional riders. Finally I accepted 4 different calls on Sunday and they all cancelled but no...
  19. Phasmatrope

    Lyft Line question: if 1st pax demands you drop 'em off first?

    Hey all, noob Driver here, enjoying the experience so far, however, I have a number of questions regarding the Lyft Line feature (where you share a ride with/give a ride to multiple pax). The other night, I gave what was probably my 3rd Lyft line: as soon as I pick up the first pax, I get a...
  20. MulletMan

    Quick Response Text for Decision on Accepting Pax

    Hello this is Uber. May I have your destination please? Thank you! Is this a valid strat for deciding to accept or reject? I know we can't do too many cancellations, but the pax trips to Kroger and CVS are killin me. o_O