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cancel trip

  1. Psycho Driver

    Uber taking care of their drivers. - NOT!

    I am set to a Destination Drive, I get a ping, I drive to the pick up area. I wait 4 mins, pax finally comes out, and gets in the car. I start the fare. He says, oh he needs to change the destination, it is now going the wrong way of my Destination Drive, I said I can't do that, you wanted to go...
  2. thirty4delta

    Cancellations ?! &$@%! & changes

    Hi Everyone, I've been driving Lyft & Uber and cannot go one night without atleast 2 cancellations--usually unpaid. Is this typical in Tucson? Also, I can't change a rider's final destination or add stops in my Uber app. There is no"destination bar" like the tutorial says. Anybody else have...
  3. C

    Cancelling mid-trip: Can pax still rate or report you?

    There have been a few times when I've just gotten a bad feeling about a passenger (usually a woman, sorry) during a trip based on something they said or commented on where I know they are going to leave me a bad rating for some dumb reason, even if there was nothing wrong with the trip; and I am...
  4. D

    What exactly is a good way to spot fraud and cancel trips without drama?

    Hi I haven't driven much for uber. I think I've driven like 2 nights, once new years even in Phila, Pa last year and last night. I'll be driving tonight and for the next couple days maybe then moving to FLA where my car will not meet the year requirement :( But in the mean time I just saw...
  5. C

    Best way to not accept a ping

    I've been driving in Bakersfield for about 3 mo. My question. I get a ping 20 min away I don't want to drive that far for a 5.00 ride. What is the best way not to do the ride? Let it time out or accept it then cancel.
  6. Django81


    I just started Ubering Jan 7th, 2016. Just need some advice regarding Protocol .. 1) Once I get to the destination even if it's not exactly known but I am as close to the "pin" as possible -- Is that when I start the Five minute count down? I read some people hitting "arrive" but I don't have...
  7. C

    Do Not Pick Up a Brian in Gulfport

    For those of you drivers who end up in Gulfport, there is an @@@@@@@ by the name of "Brian" who hailed a ride from me from 6150 Gulfport Blvd S. It's an apartment complex. I'm pissed because I knew there was something fishy about his demeanor and the fact that he and his friends did...
  8. SteamFlyer82

    If They Smell Like Marijuana: Can I Make Them Walk?

    First Post on UberPeople.net I had my first situation where the passenger I picked up smelled horribly of marijuana. Upon greeting and acknowledging his desired route, I observed slurring of the speech, bloodshot eyes and overall disheveled appearance. I have never utilized the "cancel...