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cancel pax

  1. Halfmybrain

    "We're on our way out"

    I just wanted a few hours of driving. I stuck to the suburbs (by way of a DF anchor). When I got to the huge house party, it looked like people were out back somewhere. After a little waid, I texted. Entitilda replied, "We're on our way out. " So the 7 minute pickup time was not enough lead...
  2. Halfmybrain

    DF and Pool don't mix

    Here, I'll beat you to it. "You nincompoop, why are you accepting pool trips--especially in the suburbs?" = = = So Thursday night, with only a few rides to attain the Quest bonus (35 x $60), I accepted a pool ride. My DF was set for home near Joliet. From Matteston, pool trips hurled me clear...
  3. Psycho Driver

    Uber taking care of their drivers. - NOT!

    I am set to a Destination Drive, I get a ping, I drive to the pick up area. I wait 4 mins, pax finally comes out, and gets in the car. I start the fare. He says, oh he needs to change the destination, it is now going the wrong way of my Destination Drive, I said I can't do that, you wanted to go...
  4. MulletMan

    Quick Response Text for Decision on Accepting Pax

    Hello this is Uber. May I have your destination please? Thank you! Is this a valid strat for deciding to accept or reject? I know we can't do too many cancellations, but the pax trips to Kroger and CVS are killin me. o_O
  5. Reversoul

    Cancelled ride

    I got a ping at my house. 30 seconds later I'm in the car driving to pick up the pax. Suddenly I get a call from the pax and he sounds irritated. He asked am I on my way yet and tells me he's been waiting for 15 minutes already. I tell him I got the ride request 2 minutes earlier. He argues and...
  6. afrojoe824

    Rider requests Uber and Lyft...

    Earlier this morning around 5am, I got a ping for pick up. I get to the location and I see an Uber driver pull up as well. After waiting 6 minutes, I was about to hit cancel and someone walks out to my car.. He then says "Are you uber?" and i said "No. I'm lyft." I then point to my left and...
  7. SteamFlyer82

    Said Goodbye to a $120 Fare...

    First fare for the evening was an individual requesting a trip from Northern Tampa to Orlando. An estimated $120 Fare. Needless to mention, I eagerly accepted his route and made sure the passenger was comfortable for his hour and a half ride; offering a bottle of water and candy. As the trip...
  8. Weatherdawg

    Did they change the 5 min no show?

    I was sitting outside a hotel for a pickup today, and my 5 min timer went off. I gave it another 30-60 seconds, cancelled, and drove off. I noticed that I did not receive the $6 cancel charge anymore. Did they change the time limit or do I need to file a ticket for it?
  9. Cherries_JUberLee

    How do I skip without penalization

    I sometimes get a ping from 30 minutes away. Can I cancel these without being penalized? I had this happen twice and the customer has canceled twice. This is fine but if I pick up a pax from thirty minutes away, I've already used a gallon of fuel, you know where I'm going from here. If they...