cancel no show help

  1. Androidcoder

    Cancelled food deliveries

    I dont see in the help what we are supposed to do with the food for orders that dont show up. I have an order and both his phone and call box didnt answer and had message full tecordings. Do I have to go back 3 miles to return it to restaurant?
  2. Cruzer716

    Cancellation Rate Adjustment...

    Today was my 2nd day in the job.... I got a request near the airport at one of the car parking companies.... I accepted and went there... When I arrived no pax showed up. I waited over 10 minutes and called the pax at least 5 times....I then cancelled the trip and hit "rider no show" as the...
  3. bts.uber2016

    Annoying cancel

    Is there a way I can charge a guy who pinned me I drive 5 minutes to him I wait for him I contact him and when I contact him he tells me oh sorry bro I took another Uber with my friend Drive time 5 mins. Waited 5 mins b4 I contacted him. I clicked cancel and reporting it as rider no show. I...