1. Kurt Halfyard

    Storm's Coming

    Today was my son’s birthday. He was born in a hospital just outside the City of Toronto on March 31, 2003. This was the first day where hospitals in Toronto, and the surrounding area, initiated isolation and tracing protocols for a deadly corona virus that caused acute respiratory distress...
  2. Uberchampion

    Call Out The COVID-19 EvilDoers [SHAME THE SCAMMERS]

    Not sure where to post this but the level that humans can sink to has no bounds...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    FORUM UPDATE: All Western Canada threads have been MERGED into VANCOUVER sub-form

    Congrats guys, for making the new Vancouver Sub-Forum so lively and rich in information, as you get the hang of this ride-hail thing in your city. Because there was not much activity in the Calgary and Edmonton sub-forums, they have been merged into one Western Canada Subforum. This one, right...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    FORUM UPDATE: All Ontario Threads Have Been CONSOLIDATED Into one, TORONTO (Ontario)

    Please Note: Niagara, Waterloo, Ottawa, and Hamilton have all been put into a single SUB-Forum going forward called: "TORONTO (Ontario)" This was due to relatively low activity in all the other forums, and it only makes sense to have everyone in on the conversation in ONTARIO (well, SOUTHERN...
  5. Kurt Halfyard

    Ridehail in Vancouver is LIVE

    As of 11am this morning, PST, Uber is available to people in Vancouver. After almost a decade of not being on any serious Ridehail platform, the City has opened up a fair bit of territory to drive for Uber and Lyft, if you manage to jump through all the extra hoops and fees the've imposed...
  6. Kurt Halfyard

    Meanwhile, in St. John's Newfoundland [Snowmaggedon]

    We got a piddly little 15-20cm. Most of St. John's got 76cm in the same time period. It was a Blizzard inside a Hurricane. I wonder what the SURGE looked like. Toronto, as usual, has it really easy compared to the rest of the country. This is INSANE...
  7. Kurt Halfyard

    Where Are You From, Originally? [POLL]

    Because Toronto is the City where everyone is from everywhere, Here is a poll for you to raise one for the country/continent of your birth.
  8. Kurt Halfyard

    905 or 416 [POLL]

    The GTA is vast geographically, stretching from Oshawa to Hamilton around the lake, and extending up towards Aurora/Newmarket North of the city. Do you 'identify' as a 416 City driver, or do you rigourously stick to the Suburban rings? You can select up to three options in the poll.
  9. Kurt Halfyard

    Calgary (Canada) Data: 600x Higher Chance of Injury of eScooter vs. Public Transit

  10. Kurt Halfyard

    VanCity Subform

    For any Vancouver folks using the Seattle Forum. Please note that due to ride-hail finally coming to Canada's Third Largest Metropolitan Area, and There is now a Vancouver City forum to start populating.
  11. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Gas Stations running out of gas

    I have been noticing the big chains of gas stations Petro Canada and Esso, had been running out of gasoline in Mississauga, in the evenings. This is related to the storm on Monday. Has anyone else seen this. Saw many stations without gas on Wednesday and Friday this week.
  12. BurgerTiime

    Uber is not a “technology company” they’re a “marketing and support services” firm!

    Full: First Uber wasn’t a “taxi firm” then not a “Transportation company”, then def not a “service that’s provides rides through an app that connects two people” and...
  13. Kurt Halfyard

    Please Help Get Us Noticed!

    A number of Toronto Drivers have been deactivated due to some sort of LYFT software glitch. These are the founding drivers as LYFT expanded into their first international market, the ones that lasted a year and are very much the more high rated and enthusiastic drivers to be in the 4% of...
  14. BurgerTiime

    The Ottawa Senators were secretly recorded in an Uber. They ripped their own team The Ottawa Senators have had a tumultuous year. From owner Eugene Melnyk holding Mark Borowiekci hostage in a video, to the Karlsson family filing an order of...
  15. Kurt Halfyard

    Is This How To Handle A Lost Cell Phone?

    This article is intended for discussion on the minutiae of a situation that is bound to happen (often) to any regular Uber/Lyft Driver. While it happened in Toronto, Canada, it's a pretty universal experience in any market, and this particular instance has been elaborated in full detail to...
  16. Kurt Halfyard

    This is How An Electric Vehicle Can Work For RideShare

    PAX: "Is this an EV?" Me: "Well, it is, until it isn't." This is the beginning of a conversation that I have at least 10 times a week with riders on LYFT. I certainly do not mind this conversation, as I started doing this side-hustle to maximize the utility of a depreciating asset (my car)...
  17. D

    odd information in pax app

    I picked up a pax today and he commented that his Uber app had just displayed a message saying "Your driver is from Canada". He then showed me his app display and sure enough it did say "Your driver is from Canada". I was wondering how Uber came by this information. I did, indeed, spend much...
  18. Uberingen

    Be nice to the people who find your wallet...

    I picked up a 20+ girl and we had a nice chat throughout the way, said she was going to become a veterinarian, how it was great to be helping them, etc etc. She was working part time at a book store too. So an educated, book loving, kind Canadian, eh? I dropped her off at her location then...
  19. _SEAM_

    Greyhound Fingers Ridesharing as a Factor in its Demise in Western Canada

    Greyhound Fingers Ridesharing as a FActor in its Demise in Western Canada From: Global News | Author: Jesse Ferreras July 9: Greyhound announced that it will be ceasing operations in Western Canada. As Aaron McArthur reports, the company is blaming declines in ridership Ridesharing hasn't just...
  20. T

    Ridesharing more than 20 hours as international student in Toronto?

    Hello everyone! I am an international student in Toronto and I've worked with Uber about a month at this time. Last week I started to drive for Lyft as well. I realized, that I am driving about 30 hours per week (sometimes less, sometimes more), as I do not have study right now and I use most of...