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camry hybrid

  1. Do0dles

    Prius or Camry Hybrid?

    Hi, first time poster. Was curious to hear feedback on why/why not get either a Prius 2016 or 2017 Four Touring or a Camry Hybrid 2018. Figure the 2016 Prius would help with depreciation costs and is nicer looking than the 2017, but am thinking the Camry had more knowledge to work with given its...
  2. W

    2010 Toyota Camry Hybrid - Where to service?

    Hi Uberpeeps, Older Camry hybrid owners, wondering where you guys take it for servicing got my car 1.5 months ago, - 2010 model - 83179km on it. - Sydney / western Sydney. Thanks in advance
  3. MoneyMitch

    Camry or Camry Hybrid

    Hey everyone: I'm thinking about trading in my 2011 Toyota Camry LE (135k miles) for a used 2014 Camry Hybrid (with about 30-50k miles). Considering that I would be Ubering part time (3 days/week) and traveling long distance to another independent contracting job, I would be driving around 50k...