1. UberPotomac

    MD live traffic cameras

    Just in case , anyone would like to check the roads in MD.
  2. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver on LivePd crashes at high speed in 35mph zone

    Driver allegedly makes some disturbing remarks to passengers before putting the pedal to the metal November 2nd 2018
  3. WING

    Anyone still driving a 2002 vehicle? Btw, can I put a dash camera to record?

    I wonder if anyone still have their 2002 Car active. Mine is still active and I am thinking when will it be deactivated since Uber has already updated the vehicle requirement year for 2018. Also, I want to put a camera within the cabin to record, for safety purpose. But I dont know will that be...
  4. D

    Live stream/ record Uber ride??

    This has been asked multiple time but with no definitive answer, sorry for the repost but some threads go on a tangent.I want to know more information pertaining to this issue and if you people have cameras recording video and audio while doing uber in NJ. Based on recent news and unreported...
  5. Zazo

    Dash Cam

    I am curious to know how many drivers use dash cams? Do they go over well with passengers? After all, in today's world cameras are everywhere. Thanks, Z
  6. QLDUberDriver

    UBER drivers may be forced to install cameras

    Sourced from Courier Mail: Uber CCTV flagged by Queensland parliamentary committee UBER drivers may be forced to install cameras in their private cars to...
  7. I.P.Daily

    London to require cameras in Uber cars.

    Uber is threatening to leave London if city council gives final approval to a bylaw that would require all Uber drivers to install cameras in their vehicles. London city council voted last week to become the first city in the world to require cameras in ride-sharing vehicles. In a letter sent...
  8. BurgerTiime

    Uber threatens to pull out of London, Ont. over camera bylaw More than 4,700 people have signed a petition against installing cameras in ride-sharing vehicles Uber is threatening to leave London, Ont., if city council goes ahead with its plan to force the company to install...
  9. Edman

    Is Dash Cam Allowed for Uber Drivers in Atlanta?

    Im thinking about getting Dash Cam. Any Pro and Cons?
  10. Libertyfare

    Hidden cameras in Uber car?

    When I have back to back pax don't even complete one trip before I am off to the next. When am I suppose to have time to check out the seats for stuff left behind and damages these idiots do to my vehicle? I know NC is single party consent state but even if I had video of someone cutting a...
  11. pandabear2016

    Cameras while driving passengers around

    I wanted to bring up the issue of cameras. I know a lot of customers are doing site seeing and vacationing to different areas. They get into the car and start either with the video camera or direct pictures. They will stand up in their seats, capture their friend's picture, vice versa, and even...
  12. Silent_Philosodriver

    Yay or Nay? Recording Camera (Outside & Inside Car) - Any Opinions?

    I've been considering adding a recording camera to my vehicle. Thinking whether to get a dual recording camera that records both the outside and the inside, however, I also have these thoughts... - It creeps me out a little bit to be recorded at all times. Not a great feeling. - I don't want to...