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  1. Gone_in_60_seconds

    What to do when nature calls? If you're a taxi driver, just do it in public.

    Beck Taxi driver caught urinating in a water bottle while stuck in traffic. Have you ever had to hold your bladder so bad, that you needed to urinate in a Tim Horton's or McDonald's coffee cup? Please share any tips. My personal favorite would be to get some adult diapers called "depends"...
  2. Halfmybrain

    I ignore calls, mabye skip texts too?

    I don't answer calls while en route to/waiting for Uber Express Pool pickup. What else but "Pick me up somewhere else" or "I need more time"? Then I feel it's necessary to explain to current pool riders why I'm doing this (NOT explaining while ignoring repeat calls is worse). Wondering if I...
  3. Clarity

    Why have Calls from Pax Automatically sent to Voicemail while Driving

    Does this happen to anyone else? You're on your way to to pick up a passenger while following the GPS and suddenly you get an incoming call from that passenger, which blocks the GPS screen! Next thing you know you miss a turn or something worse almost happens. Missing a turn sometimes adds an...
  4. safecar

    Any need for a *smart* panic button for drivers?

    We've seen a lot of threads on here about panic buttons and are curious to hear what you all think of our approach. The problem here is that Uber/Lyft (mainly Uber) have made some improvements for driver safety, but not enough. Last week's Uber release allows you to call 911 from the app with a...
  5. B

    Calling contacts/riders with tablet?

    How to call contacts/riders with Android tablet using AT&T cellular data plan. The tablet can make calls when in wifi, but can't while driving on cell network? Someone said I could use my phone as hot spot, another said there was an app for this, another said ask this form for help! So help p!ease
  6. A

    WHO gets the calls? Experiment...

    I'm a new driver. My husband is seasoned driver. I started to drive this weekend and wasn't getting any calls. So we did an experiment. We went to the same high demand location (between 1.3 and 2 x surge) and waited for calls. He kept getting calls non-stop while I got 1 call in a whole day! Is...
  7. G

    Pax called me 2 days after completed ride

    Now I had not been online for two days (since 9/17) because I was busy and in my friend's wedding. All of a sudden on Saturday 9/19 I start getting calls from the generic Uber rider number- (832) 730-2936. I ignore the calls because I was taking pics with my phone. I didn't think anything of it...