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  1. L

    Sharp drop in number of orders for Uber Eats in Calgary

    I've been driving for Uber Eats for about 3 months now, and at first, things were going pretty well once I figured out a couple of hotspots. I was averaging between $16 - $20 dollars an hour. Making close to $400 a week. Then, around mid April, things slowed down. I started having to wait more...
  2. T

    Calgary Uber drivers needed for focus group

    Hi there, Looking for Calgary Uber drivers that can commit 1 hour to a focus group on Tuesday, August 8th. Focus group will be held downtown - We will give each participant $10 and provide a lunch as well. We are a Calgary based company that offers employees a way to get paid daily instead...
  3. S

    Driving in Calgary Stampeed 2017??

    Hi, i recently started Driving for Uber, i live in Edmonton, Canada , its busy in here decent money too. i am thinking to drive for Calgary Stampeed this summer. I would like to know if it worth driving all the way to Calgary and stay there for 2 weeks and get Airbnb?if any of you have done...
  4. Ayaanle

    Last call UBER drivers In Edmonton.

    If you are still ignoring change your personal plate to commercial one. By Jan 25th your account will be frozen.just receive text from UBER. So what you waiting for. Make sure you have ridesharing insurance as well.
  5. ivanB

    UberX - simply its not worth it - No Money

    I have tried Uber X for 2 weeks now, and I must say its just not worth it. There is no money to be made, and only person making money is Uber them selves. I have tried Uber X I didn't try Uber Select but it simply wasn't worth it. After I counted the number of hours I have worked, and deducted...
  6. chi1cabby

    City of Calgary begins Uber crackdown, officials say undercover stings against drivers are 'ongoing,

  7. UberYYC


    Looking to get Calgary added to the list of cities. Other Calgary drivers please post here.