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calculator pay income

  1. NCJacobT

    Need a SMART mathematician: Weekly paycheck, how much do I REALLY keep?

    Been driving about a month or so now, doing this part-time as I go to school. I see a lot of talk about taxes, gas, and depreciation. I drive about 2500 miles a month now if I work about 20 hrs/wk (according to MileIQ), half of it on electric (free), so that alone saves around $30/week. This...
  2. R

    The thread potential and current ride sharing drivers have been waiting for - how much profit?

    Hi San Antonio Uber drivers! Like many of you, I have wondered if ride sharing is worth getting into. 1. Does the profit for each trip (and overall) outweigh the costs? If so by how much? 2. How much estimated profit per trip? 3. How much estimated profit per hour? 4. What are the usually not...
  3. R

    Uber true income calculator

    Hello. Can someone make a calculator or share a spreadsheet that reflects actual income with all factors considered such as tax, depreciation, surge, hours, rate/mi, etc. Values retrieved from our weekly summary and partner dashboard can be entered in calculator to produce pay. Actually, I can...