1. John Baker


    Hiya, I recently joined Uber. I have a couple of questions around taxes and self-assessment. I know I don't actually need to submit my accounts until January, but I figure I'd try and make sure I was keeping on top of the stuff I need to track. Here are the questions: 1. Is it worth getting...
  2. mxmerce

    NTTA quick toll calculator

    I wrote a simple app to show tolls for all DFW toll roads because the NTTA tollmate app is so bad. Check it out for iOS. Search Ntta calculator in the App Store. Coming soon to Android!
  3. JFrancis

    What is refresh rate of Driver rating?

    Is the driver rating presented essentially up to the minute? Or rather recalculated nightly, or otherwise?
  4. Libraguy1919

    AR & CR FAQ

    Moved thread.
  5. UberxGTA

    Do the upfront fares disregard longer or preferred rider routes?

    Do the upfront fares really disregard a longer route? or a preferred rider route that is quicker but longer? Do these upfront fares calculate routes that are always the shortest in distance no matter what time or distance it takes? This would mean no more preferred route for the riders. How are...
  6. U

    Uber Boston Current Calculations Thread

    I'm going to put some various calculation questions in this thread for Uber Boston Drivers, because I don't tend to see too many threads that get into that nitty gritty. First best I can tell these are the current UberX Boston Rates: $6.15 = Minimum Fare $1.15 = "Safe...
  7. UberxGTA

    The 3 Biggest factors that will determine your income for newbies. Sage advice.

    1. When: Time of day/week. Be aware, observe and follow the pulse of your city. Each city is different. Rush hours, sports, entertainment and weather events are money makers. 2. Where: Pax Origination and Destination. Experience will be the determining factor here. Look for...
  8. SMH Uber

    Guarantee Question: Qualifying Trip completes after Guarantee Period Ends

    Please explain the guarantee as it relates to this situation: Guarantee Option: 1.5 trips min: 2 hrs. 80% acceptance of all trips. Minimum 6 trips to complete in 4 hr The guarantee is from 6 am to 10 am. I start @530. 1 ride between 5:30 and 6a...
  9. goldkick

    Wrong Uber Fare Calculation

    Hey all, I think Uber is calculating my fare incorrectly, each time i give a ride in East Bay/ SF. I recently gave a 31.5 mile and 47 min UberX ride starting from East Bay. Based on my calculation, my fare should be 31.5 * $1.05 + 47 * $0.15 + 2 = 42.13, whereas the fare shown to me is just...
  10. C

    New driver in Need of Advice

    I very recently became a new driver in Chico California. The market starting here about a month ago combined with low gas prices, driving a 2005 Honda civic Manual, I felt like the demand was worth it. Even with these advantages, from what I hear from other UberX drivers, makes me hesitant...
  11. M

    Rating calculation

    Actually I dont how may rating system calculates the rating as I was 4.8 before yesterday. and yesterday had only one trip with rating 5* but my rating decreased to be 4.77 so how come my rating decreased after 5* trip? please help