1. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Anyone take off their snow tires yet?

    Hello community, As per PTC licence, we are suppose to keep the tires on until April 30. If I take off my snow tires tomorrow, will i likely get "caught" by a by law officer in Toronto or Mississauga for not having the snow tires on?
  2. Salman

    banned in mississauga for failing bylaw inspection.

    Today I got a pick up request at mississauga heartland by “party city” parking lot. When I arrived I saw the rider (bylaw officer) wearing a safety vest and waving me!! I did not have the sticker on so I just drove pass her and did not stop. Now 1 hr later i have just recieved this message...
  3. MrSmz

    PTC licence suspension

    i recently received two bylaw fines in Toronto for 1. not having uber sticker displayed and 2. not having a physical copy of the safety certificate. i went to municipal office for early resolution but 2 weeks later i got a message from uber saying my ptc licence was suspended. i message the...
  4. Donkey

    Newbie Drive. Police and By-Law Questions,

    Hi All, I'm a new Uber driver in Toronto and was wondering if I could get some tips on dealing with police or by-law officers. What kinds of things can you get ticketed for? What should I watch out for? I've read some old threads but am wondering what the current legalities are now. Thanks...
  5. UberVolt

    Uber's future in Ottawa to be revealed in taxi report

    The city's plan to reshape taxi regulations in Ottawa to account for the emergence of app-based ride-hailing services such as Uber is expected to be unveiled Thursday, a week before councillors debate it at committee...
  6. O

    Bylaw Ticket Toronto

    Hi all, new here. Has anyone received a bylaw ticket for driving uber since according to The city, Uber is operating 'above the law'. Uber on their website states to forward the bylaw tickets to them and they will reimburse them. On top of that, you have no insurance if you have a...
  7. casanova82

    Surge Prices in KW Area

    Hello Kitchener-Waterloo Uber folks, I was wondering if someone can please post the usual surge timing in KW area during weekdays & weekend. Last night (Sat, Oct 17th) i got few surges with 3.0x at 1AM EST which was pretty awesome. Also, has anyone received any WARNINGS from Region of Waterloo...