bwi airport

  1. Logan the legend

    Best BWI pickup times ....

    Hello , I hope everyone is safe and well. It may sound wrong I know it’s not good to drive in this time but my labor job is not there due to corona and I found Uber is good thing and couple people answered me that BWI airport is good to get pings in this time as well and I’m heartily thanks for...
  2. New2This

    No More PIN At BWI

    Guess they realized what a clusterfornicate that was.
  3. New2This

    PIN Pickups at BWI

    Just got this email. They're instituting a PIN system at BWI. Based on how the PIN system is going at LAX this could turn into a shitshow. Interesting that it's only 8-5. Maybe they know when it gets busy it'll be a [email protected]@@@.
  4. ratethis

    BWI A warning about pick ups.

    Just received this warning from uber. No warnings from lyft yet.
  5. ratethis

    BWI, A Warning for pick up.

    Just a heads up... I received this today from uber, haven’t heard from lyft yet.
  6. V


    Been in the queue for 7 hours at bwi finnally got a ride for 3.38 feeling sad for myself.
  7. Kawiz03

    Pig Pen Potties

    I know this wont reach the target audience of Ant at the pen but damn man what kind of grown ass adult cant use the bathroom like a decent human!
  8. Kawiz03

    Motel TNC

    Ok who's the wiseguy who emailed Google to put a hotel sign on the TNC lot at BWI lmao
  9. Kawiz03

    Jerk Parking

    Dont be this guy Like seriously there are lots of open spaces dont be a FHP him and the rest of the (censored) drivers who think they can park in the middle of the lot where YOUR SUPPOSED TO DRIVE
  10. warrior lady

    How is BWI Demand on These Dank Holiday Days?

    How long is cue usually and how fast does it move?
  11. Kawiz03

    Yet again BWI lot

    Sooo it seems BWI is getting sick of the cesspool which is the Northern DMV Cricket training facility as they posted these on all the portapotty's saying stop calling us call Uber/Lyft...just inching closer and closer to getting rid of the lot and the nasty turds who make a mess of the place
  12. Kawiz03

    Uber Airport Games

    Really Uber???
  13. Kawiz03

    Queue Lot Overnight

    Who the hell are they waiting for if the last flight was at 1ish??
  14. Kawiz03

    Bwi sharma stand

    Wow they really freaking did it its offically a freaking sharma stand at the bwi lot its become the wild wild mideast up there since airport cops never troll around....not a bad business model got give it up to Rohit living the American Dream
  15. Kawiz03

    "Working" BWI Queue

    So noticed the weirdiest thing while sitting at the BWI INS office two portly women walking around up and down "talking" to the drivers...sooo is this a thing now tricking out here like wtf is going on up here???
  16. Kawiz03

    BWI Tailgate???

    Sooo apparently these guys think its a football tailgate with tarp, chairs, food and drinks...who is responsible for this and more importantly which moron carries this all in their trunk???
  17. xl HeiZ lx

    Using destination at airports now resets your position in queue

    Wow. Just when I thought uber couldn't make it's airport queue any more inefficient, they go and do this, and completely make me reevaluate my driving tenure with them. I have been doing primarily airport rides for the last 6 months. About three months ago, I figured out that if you set a...
  18. xl HeiZ lx

    BWI Queue hasn't been showing up for the last two days.. has this been happening to anyone else?

    Good morning Baltimore Uber drivers, So this is my first post, but i have a lot more I would like to post about as far as questions and things I've wanted to talk about with other uber drivers. But my meaning for my post this morning is in regards to BWI pickups. Uber support has proven to be...
  19. Kawiz03

    Cancellation Fees Up

    So aparently the cancellation fee has gone up in Greater Maryland from $5 to $7. Keep in mind Greater MD is everything excluding Montgomery, PG,BWI and Baltimore City. Guess I'm going to do more cancellations.
  20. Kawiz03

    Turn off your headlights!

    Dear fellow Uber and Lyft drivers turn your lights off when your waiting at the airport cell phone lots instead of blinding the person in front of you! I know just a rant while I wait in queue... Uber on people