buy uber car

  1. A

    Should I buy it?

    Hi everyone, Can somebody help me decide ? I need suggestion... Toyota Camry with the vin number 4T1F1FK7HU301676 ... Can somebody check the car from carfax if you have an unlimited account??? How much should i pay most for this car? Thanks in advance . . .
  2. L

    PCO TFL PHV, Which car make, model and year to buy/lease/rent for London?

    Hi I am just looking into doing Uber driving in London. I have a chronic health problem so I need the flexibility that Uber offers in working flexible hours. What car make, model and year should I buy/lease/rent for London? The TFL guidelines say that the private hire vehicles have to be 5...
  3. HelloMate

    Prius owners advice

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy a Toyota Prius (10 - 60 plate), what shall I look in particular before to buy it? Any common failure? Where I can find the service schedule of the car? Any good advice in general is welcome! I'm driving one from three months and I'm loving it.
  4. ZopaRob

    Renting a Car Costing Too Much?

    Hello everyone, thought I'd post on here and let you know about a better alternative to renting or hiring an Uber car. £1100 per month is roughly the going rate for renting a new Uber X car these days. Even if you can afford the insanely high rent, there are better options available. Renting...
  5. S

    Omg New York new driver be alerted start driving with uber

    So far i have been driving with uber 1 week in new york (112 trip) most of them were short anyway before i used to drive with "uber t" its like in a day three or two trip. My rating was always up than 4.80 when i leave driving with yellow cab and start driving with "uber x" first three days was...