1. Driver@Valencia

    Burbank Airport Dressing

    Does anyone know if I can have Uber And Lyft Dressing Stickers on my vehicle upon picking up and/or dropping off? I know it's not allowed at LAX but I can't find anything on BUR. Thanks in advance for any responses
  2. mehh

    Uber didn't pay me a $112 ride!

    Okay so Wednesday I drove from Long Beach to Burbank Airport. It was a POOL ride but no additional pick ups. We made a few stops she needed to go to before heading up. Long story short I get to Burbank 2hrs later I finish ride and rate the passenger and it's calculating the cost. when I got home...
  3. T

    Heading to Burbank, what should I know?

    So I am going to be heading to Burbank and was wondering since I never have taken Uber before there, how does it work at Burbank? I will be taking it to Thousand Oaks.