bull shit

  1. Kawiz03

    One freaking ride!!!

    I swear the closer you are to quest the more Fuber starts screwing with you and the rides start to drive up this is grade A horse manure!!! #screwyoudara
  2. cleanride

    30 Mile Round Trip for a 3 Mile Ride and didn't get Prime Time

    Was in the middle of 200% prime time zone that I didn't receive compensation for. Is anyone else getting f'd with long pick up's and not getting the prime time rate? This b.s. costs more in gas than the $5 fare. Just about done with Lyft. At least with Uber you can confirm the surge rate before...
  3. Kawiz03

    Uber Drive In

    anyone else get this "exclusive invite" for one I dont goto Baltimore two Sunday is a decent catch up day so why waste it?
  4. Kawiz03


    hmmmm so this area has surged for over an hour and no rides...faker than a strippers top toys boys
  5. Kawiz03

    Quest over

    No lower option. WTF is this bs?!?! every week getting lower and lower and looking like its the beginning of the end.
  6. AP92

    Offending "Free Amenities"

    Tired of giving away cold bottled water, gum, mints,Aux cord cell phone chargers and being everyone's @@@@@ for nothing everyday I drive for Goober these shitty passangers want these amenities for a $4 trip up the street. From now I'm going to stop giving everyone free stuff for nothing in...
  7. f250ubercajundfw

    "wait times" my ASS!!!!

    unfortunately, you are not eligible for cancellation fees and/or waiting periods, I hope this resolved any issues, it defiantly resolved me waiting.... if I pull up and your ass ain't on the corner waiting on me or dnot hop skip and JUMP towards my damn truck, better call for another ride...