1. U

    Is this a bug? "Not Ready" feature not working

    Please take a look at the attachment. My "Not Ready" option will grey out after the first use. Hence, I can't use it for other restaurant during the day! Is this a problem for everyone or a glitch in my account?
  2. Ziggy

    Not So Long (Long Trip [BUG])

    Maybe it's an Austin (TX) only bug but during the past week 90% of the Uber "60+" & "45+" trips have been much shorter. Personally, I had the issue 5 times in the past week ... and yesterday's "60+" trip turned out to only be 17 minutes long. It's happened to me both at the airport & COTA ...
  3. Chocoholic

    UberEats pickup accept blocked by uber app bug - support says acceptance rate doesn't matter

    Beware of what you are doing while ONLINE. I am an UberEats driver and was online today. While online, I was exploring the app and went in to leave a comment in my Uber Driver Profile. (I got to it through a link displayed by scrolling down on the home page.) While entering a comment, I got...
  4. shackelstar

    Uber Partner App

    For a job that has to be done entirely on our phones, you would think the partner app would at least be stable. I've never used a buggier app in my entire life. -map always stops showing details sporadically -surges won't show up after drop offs without an app restart -surge events crash the...
  5. UberCoC

    So I think I found a bug/exploit...

    So this is what was happening: I live in the ontario/ rancho cucamonga area and I wanted to use the destinations feature to get a trip out to la so I dont have to deadhead all the way there without a pax. Well everytime I opened the app I would see the stupid little clipboard in the top left...
  6. T

    Can't set pickup location

    Hi, So I just downloaded Uber and when I went to try it out, I didn't manage to set up my pickup location because the pin doesn't have that. Uber can't pick my location because my smartphone's GPS isn't working very well, I know that, but even when I introduce it manually, I still don't see...
  7. V

    FARE - Problems with Scheduled Trips - Double-Booking/Stale Requests

    Last night, I was on a trip to pick a scheduled rider. I called to say that I was going to be 5 minutes late, only to find that the FARE driver was already out front waiting. Good thing I called prior to driving 12 miles to get to a rider. Once before I had arrived at the PAX house and waited...
  8. thisguy777

    Help! with new app wont load

    Since the update.. I have not been able to see anything on the dashboard ..will not pass the uber loading screen...ive waited for about 15 20 mins ...anyone else have this problem? ive tried everything.. maybe my phone is not compatible ? I have a lg g stylo bought brand new 3 weeks ago..