1. R

    New Surge/ Rush hour / Lyft

    Covering it all in one swoop. With the need BS surge, if DRIVERS are gonna fight back then the most critical time to not drive/get shifty is rush hour. 7-9am and 5-7pm. Boycott or play hard ball in the Main Areas. Downtown/Buckhead. I understand everybody can't just flat out quit so this is...
  2. BurgerTiime

    UberEats driver shot customer, killed, then flees, turns himself in, now charged with murder

    http://www.ajc.com/news/local/police-uber-eats-delivery-flees-after-customer-shot-killed-buckhead/wATWshnaWS9x4skr1uUuWL/ Ryan Thornton, 30, of Atlanta, was shot after ordering food via the Uber Eats He died of injuries after a shooting in Buckhead that police believe involved an Uber Eats...
  3. R

    Flat rate Airport

    With it being so hard to catch a valuable surge ride, I think its time to push for flat rate trips to the airport. I think $25 after ubers cut from downtown/midtown is fair and give or take a little for the other areas. That would help all drivers out ALOT. I think if its not surging and u got a...
  4. FultonRealist

    Attitude Fee

    Has anyone experience a pickup in Midtown/Buckhead to the airport? A) The customer was not ready B) Customer had an attitude C) Customer was touching things they should not touch like your radio or heat controls. Did these rude things and did NOT tip (although they didn't have to but some do...