1. SilentKnight

    Check your E-Mail’s

    📨 TLC-licensed drivers who may have lost earnings as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency should apply to the NYS Department of Labor for unemployment benefits. Drivers who are classified as employees by the NYS Department of Labor are eligible for traditional Unemployment Insurance...
  2. BurgerTiime

    Guy drunk on scooter crashes into another scooter rider breaking his arm

    A 48-year-old man who was drinking was hurt Sunday when he crashed his Bird scooter into another Bird scooter ahead of him, a San Diego police officer said. The crash happened about 6:05 p.m. 700 G St. in the Core-Columbia neighborhood, SDPD Officer Robert Heims said. The victim was not cited...
  3. BurgerTiime

    This is how much Uber drivers really make Maybe driving for Uber isn’t so profitable. For the drivers, at least. When accounting for the ride-sharing company’s commissions and fees, vehicle expenses and a modest health insurance package, Uber...
  4. Jay's Babygirl

    Pay, What Pay?

    I've been working for Uber since the last week of February, and with the exception of two weeks, I have made a penny every week. Why you ask? Because Xchange Leasing takes their money right off the top, and with the way the app has been ghosting, and dropping, I'm not making anything! I can't...
  5. Maxmmuber

    Why your $20/hour avg is way off.

    Let me break it down for people planning on doing uber with a new car, or buying a car to do uber since there are soo many brand new cars on the road with uber stickers. On a 20k car, you pay about 350 / month, if you need insurance with a semi good driving record, $200/month, and if you're...
  6. E

    How to make ASAP funds

    Hi Everyone, I'm in a situation now where I need to make money fast. I should be getting paid Thursday, but after that, need to make as much as possibile to pay a bill by Friday. I have just set up Instant Pay, and I'm wondering if anyone has advice on the best way to use Instant Pay to both...
  7. Adbam

    Surge got turned off downtown friday.

    It has said no uber available for 20 min and no surge down town. Eastside is surging and so is south. Wtf?
  8. boltstatus

    Hey uber fam i need help!!!!!

    Hi my name is Branden and i was recently working with uber up until a week ago I got into an accident that damaged my car to the point that I cant drive for uber. Uber was my only source of income and transportation for my family. I'm unable to drive with the current damage to the car. I was cut...
  9. August1


    Do any of you drive for uber and lyft with an ad on your rear window? I want to do that for some extra money but I don't know how. I tried wrap match but they scammed me. I can't call them, they won't call me and the send me junk email. I also have Vugo but that's a worthless app with no ads on...