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bradley airport

  1. J

    Bradley McDonald’s

    I dropped off at Bradley and had no intention of picking up so I decided to grab I bite to eat at McDonald’s . As I was driving up Ella grasso to mcd I noticed I was put in airport queue. Cell phone lot is directly across mcd. I stayed in queue the entire time i was in mcd. Made me realize how...
  2. J

    trade dress or fine

    Today is Oct 1 and all drivers supposed to have uber logo in bottom right corner of windshield. A friend warned me that some local law enforcement are salivating at the prospect of making some money in fines. They will be on the lookout for drivers to fine if they dont have trade dress. Since...
  3. S

    Need transport from Bradley Int, CT to Southbridge, MA

    Hi! I'm flying into Bradley on Jet Blue tomorrow, 28 Sept, arriving at 1:10PM and need to get to Southbridge. MA Hotel. Anyone interested in fare or should I just request ride when I arrive.
  4. S

    Need Ride from Bradley Int. to Southbridge Hotel in MA

    Hello. I'm flying into Bradley tomorrow, 28 Sept., on Jet Blue, arriving at about 12:45PM and need to get to Southbridge Hotel & Conf Center. Then on Sunday Oct 1 I've got to get back to Bradley for a flight out and need a pickup at 10AM at the Southbridge Hotel. Anyone interested in the fare...
  5. J

    new bradley rules

    got an email yesterday detailing new rules at bradley. any airport staff including those annoying security guards can now approach you and demand to see your current waybill on your app. they can also ask you for your ID, registration and insurance. By asking for your waybill that assumes your...
  6. M

    Are there a lot of drivers at Bradley Airport at night?

    Hey there, Im flying into Bradley International Airport at midnight tonight and need an Uber or Lyft from the airport to a college in Amherst, MA, though I'm concerned that there won't be enough drivers around that time at night as someone told me that it was a small airport. I've never been...
  7. J

    The Donald is coming

    Secret service is flying in The Donald into Bradley around 5pm and taking him into downtown Hartford. Traffic is supposed to be a major nightmare, Thousands of people are supposed to show up and start arriving downtown by 4pm. I91 may very well be shut down while they wait for secret service to...
  8. J

    It's time for FIFO at Bradley airport

    All these fools crowding around the arrivals island or sitting up top at departures is ridiculous . It's time for uber to implement FIFO, so everyone can stay away from arrivals , and sit in cell phone lot and just wait their turn. I can't be the only driver who hates being in other peoples way...
  9. J

    any problems at bradley?

    I drove a couple of riders to bradley . they told me that during the snowstorm, while trying to get a ride, an airport official told them either Uber has been or will be banned from the airport. Has anyone else heard anything or had problems picking up?