1. P

    Driving Boulder

    Boulder PD and CU PD have been out in force. I have never seen so many Disco Parties involving U/L last weekend and tonight. Watch your speed, don't run the yellows, don't pick up on Broadway/Canyon/Arapahoe- pull on to a side street call the dumbass pax. Common sense, If you don't see cars...
  2. Kelton McNair

    Select & XL only help

    So I have a '17 4Runner. I qualify for XL and Select so I had an account created for those under my car. I know the system pretty well and was making 40$ an hour last week with all of the boosts and stuff. But now that I had this account created because of the lack of boosts, I'm struggling on...
  3. Rooster06

    Wow Boulder... just... wow.

    Boulder never ceases to amaze me. So let me preface this by saying, I hate driving in Boulder during heavy drinking times. Having said that, yesterday was truly an exception to the rule. Yesterday, as I got into the metro from the great windy North of the Border, I do my usual pit stop at...
  4. M

    your vehicle is not allowed to operate in undefined

    Hello uberpeople, I need some help specific to the Denver area, In the past I've been able to work in both Denver and Boulder regions in CO. However this past week I am only able to work in the Denver region. As soon as I reach Boulder I receive this message "your vehicle is not allowed to...
  5. Smellb4rain

    Uber boulder employee terrible customer

    Just picked up a guy from what allegedly is the office they are putting in for Uber Boulder in Louisville. Says he works for uber and is setting up the office but 1. Makes me wait 15 minutes to even come down from the office only reason I even stayed was surge pricing and the 15 minute drive...