1. dirtylee

    Millennials are BORING AF!!!

    I swear. These 20 somethings are easily the most dull generation in history. Once you get past their picture perfect snapchat /instagram /etc etc; they are DULL. FFS, drop some acid & attend an group hug. :eek:
  2. johnnyspack

    Quality of it just me?

    Hello fellow Uber ants. I don't know if it's because I'm a Gen-X cynic or just because the world is getting more insular, but do you all find this constant eyes down at the phone, not interested in anything real world, a bit....deflating? Don't get me wrong I know that many pax just want to...
  3. Noteasytobme

    No money to be made on Wednesdays

    So is it just me, or does anyone else not make any money on Wednesdays. For almost 2 months now, I LOSE money every Wednesday. Makes no sense. Do ppl just not need rides? Been online 5 hours now, 2 rides, made a whopping $17...wasted $20 on gas. Wtf?!? Does anyone else barely get requests on...
  4. J

    I'm now getting very bored

    I'm getting nothing but short ride, after short ride, after short ride. Most of my rides now are below $10. That includes rides that req me to drive 10-20 mins to get them. Some semi rural places I used to like to go to i now find myself avoiding, even if I recognize the address. Not driving 15...