1. ANThonyBoreDaneCook

    Two Things I Learned In Delaware Today

    As you may or may not know, Delaware will be shutting down tomorrow at 8 am. "Total Wine & More" is considered "essential" because they sell food. This means you can freely take a short ride down I-95 to Claymont for all of your cheap, tax free booze needs. After I hoarded two boxes of...
  2. Teddy2gloves

    Ride of the day

    As i pull up the stench of booze and cigarettes were oozing through the doors. As they climbed into my car, the foul odor filled the car causing me to throw up in my mouth. We proceeded half mile down the road only to pull up to an Aldi where I waited 7 mins for them to come out with a...
  3. 2CV750CC

    so here is a slightly strange one

    had a pickup from a decent part of town close to Burbank, nice homes etc teens get in the car and off we go they are the usual teeny stand offish typical teens, nothing unusual they want to stop at the super market one of the guys walks back out as if he had a gun in his pocket gets in the...